# App settings

In the Settings app menu, you can:

  1. Enable automatic app launch when the device is turned on (default setting).

  2. Switch between user accounts.

  3. Enable receiving calls only from the users in your address book.

  4. Clear your call history.

  5. Change your ringtone.

  6. Enable receiving messages only from the users in your address book.

  7. Delete your chat history.

  8. Set the ringtone for incoming messages.

  9. Route calls through the server (for one-to-one video calls hosted via the server).

  10. When using TrueConf cloud service, disable address book contact syncing.

  11. Set permissions for your video window to be recorded during a call or group conference. Learn more about this feature in the TrueConf client app user guide.

  12. Manually set the bitrate limitation for the incoming and outgoing streams.

  13. Enable collecting app logs.

  14. View information about your app version.

# Performance mode in a conference

If your device lacks the resources needed for the proper display of video and the layout during a conference, go to Settings → Performance → In-meeting video performance and select the performance mode manually:

  1. Highest60fps frame rate.

  2. Balanced60fps frame rate.

  3. Low30fps frame rate.