# Collaboration tools

# Text chat

You can exchange text messages with other users both inside and outside group conferences.

When a user signs in on a new device, the chat history saved on the previous device will be available on the new device.

If you connect to TrueConf Server which is below 5.0 version, the chat history will not be synced across your devices.

To start exchanging messages with any user from your address book, go to the user profile and press the Chat button.


The chat will be available during calls and conferences. To access it, click on the /client-android-tv/media/gui/chat/en.png button in the meeting control panel. During a group conference, you can select either a group chat or a private chat with the selected participant.

Your chat list is available in the Chat app menu:


# Group chat

You can also communicate in group chats outside video conferences. It is possible to create such a chat with any client application, for example, TrueConf for Android.

# Viewing content

# Content sharing by multiple participants

Two conference participants can start a slideshow at the same time. In this case, you can select and zoom a content window in the content preview screen to make sure you do not miss any details.


To zoom in an image:

  1. Go to the video area

  2. Select a video window with the remote control.

  3. The image will be maximized to the full screen.