Calls and conferences

How to make a call

To call a user:

  1. Find the user in the address book.

  2. Click on the user’s name and press the call button.


How to create a conference

With TrueConf for Android, you can create a video conference based on three conference modes: symmetric, asymmetric (video lecture) or role-based (virtual meeting).

Symmetric conference

Open TrueConf for Android, proceed to the address book, click the blue button with TrueConf logo /client-android/media/blue_button/en.png and press Create Conference.

Enter the meeting name and select Symmetric mode.


Add conference participants and press Create.

The meeting has started.


During the meeting, click the gray button with TrueConf logo to open necessary menu:

/client-android/media/participants_button/en.png to manage conference participants /client-android/media/chat_button/en.png to open group conference chat /client-android/media/settings_button/en.png to configure audio and video settings.

Role-based conference

Follow the guide described in the section above and select Role-based mode while creating the conference.

Managing speakers

Open the list of meeting participants, click on the selected user and press Invite to the podium to assign a speaker.


To become a speaker, open the list of meeting participants, minimize it and choose Take podium.