# Calls

# How to make a call

To call a user, enter his/her name or ID in the search field and tap the /client-android/media/gui/call/en.png button.


You can also call a user from his/her profile or from a chat.

# Call to a phone number

You can call a phone number from the search field or from the dialer.

To make calls to a phone number, your TrueConf Server instance has to be integrated with the gateway of a corporate PBX.

# From the search field

Enter a phone number in the international format in the search field and tap on the call button in the menu below. For example, you can dial +1 (833) 878-32-63 to call TrueConf sales department.


You can also call extension numbers connected to your PBX.

For example, if a user’s internal number is `910, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/type_calls/en.png button, select the Phone number option and dial the number.


You can also go to the main menu, select the Search option and enter the call string in this format: #tel:910.

# From the dialer

TrueConf applications also allow users to make calls to phone numbers from the dialer where you can find the list of users whose phone numbers are registered on the server.

To open the dialer, please go to the main menu and tap on the Dialer option. Keep in mind that this feature will be available only if your TrueConf Server has been integrated with the gateway of a corporate PBX.


# Call to SIP/H.323 and RTSP devices

To call third-party devices or a server, use a call string in the format corresponding to the address type. Tap on the /client-android/media/gui/type_calls/en.png button in the search field, select the corresponding direction, enter the call string and tap on the call button.


Supported devices and call string formats:

# Incoming call menu

In case of an incoming call or conference invitation, you can perform multiple actions apart from accepting or declining the call. The following options are available:

  • If the Videocalls option is enabled, you will be able to share your video during a meeting;

  • Tap on the /client-android/media/gui/incoming_call_cam/en.png button to turn off your camera or turn it on (if it has been disabled previously);

  • Tap on the /client-android/media/gui/incoming_call_message/en.png button to send a message instead of replying to a call. You can select a short reply or type your own message. It will be sent to the caller and the call will be automatically ended. This feature will be available in case of one-on-one call or a conference invitation from one of the moderators in an ongoing conference.