# Conferences

# How to join a conference

To join a conference, you will need to:

  1. Go to the Main menu → Conferences section.

  2. In the Join with conference ID section, enter the conference URL or conference ID in the input field.

  3. To join, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/connect/en.png button or Enter on your keyboard.


You can also join a conference from the search field tap /client-android/media/gui/type_calls/en.png, select Conference, enter the conference ID and tap on the call button.

Besides, you can join a TrueConf conference in one of the following ways:

# How to create a conference

With TrueConf for Android, you can create a video conference based on four conference modes: "all on screen", smart meeting, moderated role-based or video lecture.

In the main menu, go to the Conferences section. In the New conference section select Meet now. Specify the conference name and select the video conferencing mode in the settings menu.

To create a conference on the fly, tap on /client-android/media/gui/plus/en.png and select Create conference on the main screen.

You can create a conference from the group chat. To do it, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/call/en.png button which is next to the chat name.


If a smart meeting or a moderated role-based conference is selected, you will be able to select the number of vacant spots on the podium. In the Settings section, tap on the drop-down list Number of speakers and participants and select the number. The following sections show how to manage a smart meeting and a moderated role-based conference.

By default, if a user tries to join a conference by calling its owner, the owner have to confirm the join request. You can change these settings by marking the Automatically approve join requests box. In this case, any user, who wishes to take part in the conference, will automatically join it when calling the owner.

Then, tap on the Add participants button to open the list of users in your address book. Select users and tap Add.


To start the conference, tap Start.

# How to schedule a conference

To go to the conference scheduler, tap on the Scheduled conferences in the Conferences section of the > main menu. Here, you will be able to:


To learn more about templates, check out TrueConf for Windows documentation.