During the meeting

Screen and content sharing

During the meeting, open the tools menu /client-android/media/settings_button/en.png and then click on the screen sharing button /client-android/media/share_content_button/en.png.


After that, other participants will be able to see your screen:


How to control the microphone and camera

To mute the microphone:

  1. During the video meeting, open the Settings tab in the bottom right corner of your screen and press the Mute button /client-android/media/mic_on/en.png.

2. The button will be shown crossed /client-android/media/mic_off/en.png.

Similarly, you can also enable or disable the video broadcast by pressing the Camera button /client-android/media/video_on/en.png.

To switch between the front and rear (main) cameras of your device during the conference, use the /client-android/media/change_camera/en.png button.