# During the meeting

TrueConf for Android client applications support landscape and portrait modes. For example, the landscape mode is more suitable when viewing shared content.

# How to change the conference mode

It is possible to switch only between Smart meeting and Moderated role-based modes.

If you are a moderator, you can change the conference mode at any moment. To do it, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/more_pc/en.png button in the conference window. Then, select the corresponding option (1) and confirm your choice in the pop-up window (2).


# Conference window

The window of an ongoing conference window will include the following elements:

  1. The information panel which displays the name and duration of a meeting.

  2. From here, you can go to:

3. Self-view

4. Meeting controls.


# Self-view window

The self-view window will include the following buttons and icons:

/client-android/media/gui/selfview/reactions/en.png — go to the reactions and voting panel

/client-android/media/gui/selfview/resize/en.png — hide the self-view

/client-android/media/gui/selfview/cam_change/en.png — change your camera

/client-android/media/gui/selfview/flashlight/en.png — turn the flashlight on or off (available only when using the back camera)

/client-android/media/gui/selfview/podium_off/en.png — you are not on the podium

/client-android/media/gui/selfview/mic_off/en.png — your microphone is muted.

You can tap and hold on the window to drag it to any part of the screen or pinch it to zoom in or out.


# List of participants

To view the list of meeting participants, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/participants/en.png button. Here, you will be able to:

  • Add or remove participants

  • Accept conference join requests

  • Accept podium invtations (if you have been invited by one of the moderators)

  • Approve podium requests (if you are the moderator).


The participant list can be divided into multiple groups, for example, in a smart meeting or a moderated role-based conference, there will be the following groups:

  • Speakers

  • Attendees

  • Not in the conference.

# Participant management

Tap and hold on a participant’s name to open the context menu. The following options will be available:


Similarly, you can tap on a participant’s video window in the layout to open the context menu.

# Conference widget

To use the widget, you will need to enable the Display over other apps option. To do it, please follow these instructions:

  1. Find TrueConf in your phone menu.

  2. Tap and hold on the application icon to open a pop-up window, then tap on App info.

  3. Find and activate the Display over other apps switcher.

Please note that these steps may differ depending on the Android version you are using.

During a conference, you can hide (minimize) the application window. In this case, you will see a conference widget with the video window of the person you are talking to (if it is a one-on-one call), the speaker or your self-view.


To switch between video windows, just tap on the current video and you will see the next one.

Here, you can also:

  • Turn on/off your microphone and camera

  • Start screen sharing

  • Leave the conference or end it.

# Adding participants

To invite users to an ongoing meeting, go to the participant list and tap on /client-android/media/gui/plus_orange/en.png. You will be able to invite new participants in two ways:

/client-android/media/gui/invite/en.png — from the address book or by entering a call string in one of the available formats (SIP/H.323/RTSP)

/client-android/media/gui/call_to_phone/en.png — by making a call to a phone number.

# Audio and video settings

# Speakers

The built-in speaker is used as a default playback device. To select a different speaker, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/speaker_on/en.png in the meeting control panel and select the device.


It is not possible to select microphone and speakers separately. The application will create fixed pairs or combinations of devices (e.g., microphone + speakers or microphone + headset) to make sure that the user can always select the correct combination of devices. This will allow you to quickly select the correct device, for example, if you need to switch from a headset to phone speakers when your Bluetooth earphones are low on charge.

Tap and hold on the /client-android/media/gui/speaker_on/en.png button to turn off the playback device. In this case the button will look in the following way: /client-android/media/gui/speaker_off/en.png.

# Microphone

To mute the microphone, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/mic_on/en.png button in the meeting control panel. The button will look in the following way: /client-android/media/gui/mic_off/en.png. Besides, the following status will be displayed in the self-view window: /client-android/media/gui/selfview/mic_off/en.png. To unmute the microphone, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/mic_off/en.png button.

# Camera

You can turn off/on your camera just the microphone. To turn off the camera, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/cam_on/en.png button. The button will look in the following way: /client-android/media/gui/cam_off/en.png. Besides, the self-view window will be hidden.

To switch between the front and rear (main) cameras of your device during the conference, use the /client-android/media/gui/selfview/cam_change/en.png button.

# Changing layouts

The conference owner or moderator can set a conference layout that will be received by all meeting participants. The feature is available in the real-time meeting management section. TrueConf for Android client application will not use this layout because it has its own dynamic multi-screen layout.

# Layout structure

The layout is generated dynamically and depends on the conference mode. Below, you can see the layout for a moderated role-based conference with the content window and speakers:

  1. Slideshow and content sharing (up to 2 windows on a screen).

  2. Active speaker.

  3. Podium with multiple speakers.


Swipe right or left to switch between video windows. There may be up to 4 screens with speakers. Each screen will have up to 9 participants. So, the layout can display up to 36 video windows at the same time.

# Polls and reactions

It is possible to carry out a poll among users during a conference. For this purpose, participants can use small icons that express different reactions and statuses:


In the meeting control panel, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/more_pc/en.png button and select the Reactions option. Here, you can select a status. You can also change your reactions if it is necessary. To do it, tap on the Remove reaction button and select a new reaction.


Conference participants' reactions are displayed in the layout in the following way:

  1. Users' reactions and avatars are displayed in the right-hand side of the application window.

  2. User reactions are displayed for a few seconds in the video windows.

  3. When meeting controls are hidden, your reaction will be displayed in the lower left corner. Tap on the reaction to open the window with the selected status. If meeting controls are not hidden, your reaction will be displayed in the self-view.

  4. Number of votes and the total number of conference participants.


# Poll results

To view detailed information about users' votes, tap on View poll results.


Next to the list of all available reactions, there will be the Reacted counter indicating the number of participants who took part in the poll.

Please note that the percentage for “Yes” and “No” is calculated as the percentage of all meeting participants (not only the ones who took part in the poll). For example, during a conference with 5 participants, one of the users voted “Yes” while others did not take part in the poll. In this case, the “Yes” reaction will have only 20 %.

You can also view the statuses selected by each of the conference participants. They will be displayed in the reactions menu and in the participant list.


The moderator can remove all the reactions posted by meeting participants. To do it, tap on the Clear reactions button which is displayed in the lower part of the poll results menu.

In this menu the moderator can also save the poll results. To do it, tap on the Share results button and select Conference chat. Tap on More to copy the results or use them in a different application.


Tap on the Anonymous results checkbox to download anonymous results.

# Features available in a smart-meeting conference

During a conference in Smart meeting mode, users will be able to see and hear only the participants who are currently on the podium. The participants take the podium automatically according to the following rule: a participant who is speaking or sharing content (even without any voice activity) at the moment will be displayed in the layout instead of the participant who is now silent. The first user to be removed from the layout is the participant who has been silent longer than other presenters or started content sharing earlier (if the microphone was muted).

To learn more about the smart meeting mode, check the user guide to TrueConf for Windows.

The moderator can pin any conference participant on the podium, even if he/she is now silent. To do it, open the list of participants and select Pin window in the context menu for a participant.

# Features available in a moderated role-based conference

# How to make an audio reply

During a moderated role-based conference you can make a short audio reply without a moderator’s permission. To do it, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/remark/en.png button in the meeting control panel and hold this button while you are speaking.

# How to take and leave the podium

If you are not on the podium, the following status will be displayed in the self-view window /client-android/media/gui/selfview/podium_off/en.png.

To take the podium tap on the /client-android/media/gui/take_podium/en.png button in the meeting control panel. When the moderator accepts your request, you will see You are now on the podium notification in the meeting control panel and other participants will see and hear you. To leave the podium, tap on the /client-android/media/gui/on_podium/en.png button.

Please note that if you accidentally tap on the /client-android/media/gui/on_podium/en.png button, you will no longer be able to share audio and video. To take the podium once again, you will need to send another podium request to the moderator.

# Managing speakers

When a podium request is sent by an attendee, the moderator will see the following notification in the upper part of the screen:


The request notification will be hidden in a few seconds. If you did not have time to accept the request, go to the conference participant list and accept the request there.

If you are a moderator in a role-based conference, you can invite any of the participants to the podium. To do it, go to the participant list, tap and hold on a participant’s name, and select the Take podium option in the context menu.