Setting up

TrueConf for Android client application features

  • Enjoy 4K (Ultra HD) video calls and conferences with a frame rate of 60 fps.

  • Run meetings with up to 1,000 participants (up to 1600 using UDP Multicast mode).

  • Sign in using popular social networks as well as your Google account.

  • Push notifications.

  • Hardware video encoding.

  • Adapted both for horizontal and vertical screen orientation.

  • When you raise the phone to your ear, loudspeaker mode is automatically disabled.

  • Up to 9 participants on screen during a video conference.

  • Take the meeting from your Android screen to any Chromecast device or Smart TV with just one tap.

  • Try different video conferencing modes: video call (point-to-point or one-on-one video conferencing session), video lecture, all-on-screen, and role-based conference.

  • Private meetings for registered users and public webinars with guest connections.

  • Schedule conferences, create virtual rooms, and send email invitations to meeting participants.

  • Point-to-point video calls can be run directly between the users bypassing the server.

  • Attendees can push to talk or send a request to become a speaker in role-based conferences, while moderators can appoint or remove speakers from the podium.

  • Smartphone screen sharing.

  • Call landline and mobile phone numbers.

  • Call SIP/H.323 and RTSP devices.

  • Text chats. You can send offline messages in personal chats, while group chats are only accessible during conferences.

  • Chat history, including group chats of the meetings that have already finished.

  • Add and remove participants while the conference is in progress.

  • Full local and LDAP address book support (adding and deleting contacts, editing contact information, searching and blocking contacts).

  • Call history log.

  • Built-in echo cancellation algorithms.

  • Synchronize the address book when using TrueConf Online cloud service.

  • Synchronize Facebook contacts with TrueConf address book.

  • Block incoming calls from the users that are not in your address book.

  • Block messages from the users that are not in your address book.

  • Automatic call answering.

  • Prohibit your video window recording during a call or a conference.

Installing the application

Or download TrueConf for Android for free on Google Play Market (opens new window):


Second, install the TrueConf application and run it.

Signing in

Open TrueConf application and click Change server in the lower half of the screen to connect to your corporate TrueConf Server instance.

Then, select Use other server and enter your server’s IP address or domain name (e.g.


After the connection has been established, enter your TrueConf Server account credentials: TrueConf ID and password.


After successful authorization, you will see your address book.