# During the meeting

During a conference, the layout will be split into multiple “pages” to fit all the participants (up to 36). To view all layout pages, swipe right or left.


During the meeting, open the control panel, press the /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/amount_windows/en.png button and select the required value to change the video windows amount on one page.

# Conference join URL

To share the link, go to Options → Conference → Conference Join URL and send an invitation using any of the apps in the pop-up window or just copy it to the clipboard.


# Control panel

When the conference starts, or when you tap on the video layout area during a conference, you can see the control panel, which is automatically hidden when idle, at the top of the screen.


The buttons and their actions are described below:

/client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/handset/en.png — leave the conference or end it (if you are one of the moderators)
/client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/speaker_on/en.png and /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/speaker_off/en.png — turn speakers on or off
/client-ios/media/gui/statuses/mic_no/en.png — microphone nuted or not in use
/client-ios/media/gui/statuses/cam_no/en.png — camera disabled or not in use
/client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/amount_windows/en.png — select the number of video windows displayed on a layout page (4 is recommended by default)
/client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/on_podium/en.png and /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/off_podium/en.png — leave and take the podium
/client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/slideshow/en.png and /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/view_slideshow/en.png — start the slideshow and view the content or slideshow shared by another user in a separate window
/client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/content/en.png — start screen sharing.

To pin the control panel:

  1. Turn your device sideways to switch to landscape orientation.

  2. A pin icon /client-ios/media/gui/pushpin/en.png will appear to the right of the control panel.

  3. Tap it to “pin” the control panel.

After the control panel is pinned, you can turn your device back to portrait orientation.

On iPad, the /client-ios/media/gui/pushpin/en.png button is displayed in portrait orientation as well.

# Conference participants

To open the list of meeting participants, swipe from right to left on the conference window.

Here you can do the following:

  • Actions over participants

  • View a user status

  • Use reactions

  • Manage other users' devices, chat and do other things described below.

To open the list of available actions, tap a user's name in the list of conference participants. You will see a pop-up window:


Please note that the moderator can manage a user's audio and video devices only from the list of participants. Additionally, every participant can stop or start receiving audio or video from any user in the context menu for the video layout, however, this setting will only affect this participant's personal meeting experience and won't be applied to others.

# Statuses of conference participants

In the list of conference participants, you can view the following additional statuses (not to be confused with address book statuses):

/client-ios/media/gui/statuses/owner/en.png — owner
/client-ios/media/gui/statuses/moderator/en.png — moderator
/client-ios/media/gui/statuses/cam_off/en.png — participant's video is not received
/client-ios/media/gui/statuses/mic_off/en.png — participant's audio playback stopped
/client-ios/media/gui/statuses/cam_no/en.png — camera disabled or not in use
/client-ios/media/gui/statuses/mic_no/en.png — microphone muted or not in use.
/client-ios/media/gui/statuses/podium/en.png — a participant is speaking at the moment: he/she is either on the podium or makes an audio remark (please enable voice activity detection to check such statuses).

Reactions are also displayed in the list of participants.

# Reactions and polling

During a meeting, you can take polls (user reactions are displayed in the list of participants). Users can express their opinions and emotions using reaction icons:


When a user reacts, one of the reactions will be displayed next to the user's name:


You can read more about reactions and polling in our TrueConf for Windows documentation.

# PTZ camera control

If you want to make sure that a participant's video window is always displayed on top of the first page, you can pin it. To do it, tap on the participant's avatar, and you will see the /client-ios/media/gui/pushpin/en.png button. Tap on this button to pin the participant’s window. In this way, you can pin multiple video windows:


# Choosing a camera

To change a camera during a video call or conference, tap your image (self-view) in the lower right corner of the screen.

If you choose a rear camera, the /client-ios/media/gui/select_cam/en.png icon will appear in the self-view window. Tap it to enable the flashlight feature (camera flash).


Switching to rear cameras is available for devices with three or more cameras, such as iPhone 7 Plus or 4th generation iPad Pro (2020).

# Actions over participants

During conferences you can interact with other users. To see available options, press and hold a participant's video window for 1–2 seconds. You can release the window once a blue circle appears at the point where you pressed.


The following actions over participants are available:

These actions are also available in the conference control panel in the Participants section.

# Role-based conference features

# How to make an audio remark

To let other meeting participants hear you without becoming a speaker, press the speaking person icon and hold it while you are speaking. All meeting participants will hear your comment.


# How to take and leave the podium

If you want to take the podium, tap /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/off_podium/en.png in the control panel. Once the moderator accepts your request, you will take the podium and become a speaker, while the /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/off_podium/en.png button will change into /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/on_podium/en.png.

Please note that you will automatically stop being a speaker if you accidentally tap the /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/on_podium/en.png button. After that, you will again have to send a request to the moderator to take the podium and become a speaker.

# Permission to take the podium

After an attendee sends a request to become a speaker, the meeting moderator will receive the following notification:


If you are the moderator of the video conference, you can invite any attendee to take the podium during the meeting. To do it, tap the Participants button in the control panel. Tap the participant you would like to promote to speakers and choose Invite to Podium.