# Collaboration tools

# Text chat

You can exchange text messages with other users both inside and outside group conferences.

When a user signs in to the application on a new device, the chat history saved on the previous device will be synced across devices.

If you connect to TrueConf Server which is below 5.0 version, the chat history will not be synced across your devices.


With this messaging platform, you can:

All messages that you send can be edited. To do it, tap on a message and select Edit.


After that you will see the Edited status above the message.


Besides, you can tap on a message to open the context menu. Here, you will be able to:

  • Reply

  • Forward

  • Copy

  • Delete the message (it can also be deleted for other chat participants if you sent this message)

# Clearing and deleting the chat

To clear the chat history, go to the user profile, tap on the More button and select Clear history chat (you may clear the chat for you only or for everyone).

To delete the entire chat, select it in the list of chats and swipe from right to left. Tap on the Delete button and select if the chat should be deleted for everyone or only for you.

Please be careful when clearing chat history or deleting a chat. This action cannot be reversed. Even if you are added to this chat afterwards, you will not be able to view previous messages because all chat history has been removed.

# How to find a message

To find a message in the chat history, tap on the chat name and select Search. Enter the text in the input field. As you will be typing, the search will be made, and some of the messages will be highlighted.


If multiple messages have been found, you can switch between them with these buttons: /client-ios/media/gui/arr_up/en.png and /client-ios/media/gui/arr_down/en.png. On the left side of these buttons, there will be a counter indicating the number of messages that match your query.

# Sending media files

You will be able to share a geolocation, images and video from your gallery or right from the camera as well as the files from iCloud Drive (the Apple Files application). Besides, it will be possible to share data from third-party applications by using the OS feature "Share".

In the chat window, tap on the icon /client-ios/media/gui/clip/en.png and select the corresponding option.

# Group chats

To create a group chat, tap on /client-ios/media/gui/plus/en.png in the list of chats. Enter the name of the new chat, select users, and tap on the Create button.

# Slideshow

During video calls and conferences, users can not only see and hear each other but also share images. To do it, take the following steps:

  1. In the meeting control panel, tap the button /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/more/en.png and select Slide Show.

  2. Press the Send slide button to start selecting images on your device.

  3. After that, tap the image to view it. The My currently broadcasted slide caption will be displayed at the bottom of the slide.

  4. To stop sharing images, tap Stop. To return to the conference window, tap the Done button.

According to Apple's security policy, when HTTPS connection is configured for TrueConf Server, you can share images only if a commercial certificate is used on the server.

# Viewing a slideshow

When the user, you are talking to, starts a slideshow or content sharing in a separate video stream, a miniature copy of the shared content will be displayed:


In a few seconds, it will be hidden in the upper right corner. In the meeting control panel, tap on the button /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/more/en.png and select the Slide Show option to enter the preview mode. Next, tap on the slide image as it is shown below (1) to view the shared content in fullscreen mode (2).


If content is shared in the secondary stream, you will be able to view it only in this mode.

You can also zoom the content in or out and view it in landscape orientation:


To go back to the conference window, tap on the button /client-ios/media/gui/full_screen/en.png. The content window will be hidden. Next, tap on the Done button.

# Content sharing

According to Apple's security policy, when HTTPS connection is configured for TrueConf Server, you can share screen only if a commercial certificate is used on the server.

Please note that you will not be able to share your screen and show slides at the same time.

# Start sharing

To start content sharing during a conference, tap on the button /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/more/en.png in the meeting control panel and select the Screen sharing option. You will see a pop-up window with Apple's standard screen sharing interface.


Tap the Start Broadcast button. You will see a countdown timer. You will start sharing your content in three seconds.

You will share the entire screen, including notifications. We recommend that you enable the Do Not Disturb mode to prevent other users from seeing your personal notifications during the meeting.

To do it, open Control Centre, tap the button /client-ios/media/gui/do_not_disturb/en.png and select Do Not Disturb.

Please note that if you are using iOS 14 or earlier, this setting disables notifications only when the device is locked. To disable notifications while content sharing, you need to go to Settings → Do Not Disturb and choose Always in the Silence section.

# Stop sharing

You have two options to stop content sharing: right in the TrueConf for iOS/iPadOS application or using the status bar.

# Option 1

  1. In the meeting control panel, tap the button /client-ios/media/gui/control_panel/more/en.png and select the Slide show option.

  2. You will see a pop-up window with an active countdown timer.

  3. Tap the red status bar and then the Stop button.


# Option 2

Tap the red status bar and then the Stop button.


Please note that the status bar may look different on different devices, e.g., on a device without FaceID:


# PTZ camera control

To start controlling a PTZ camera of a user, you need to press and hold the user's video window. In the pop-up list, choose the Camera Controls item to display the panel: