# Installation

This guide is intended for Windows, macOS, and Linux users because TrueConf client applications for desktops are cross-platform and have the same features and UI.

# TrueConf desktop client application features

  • Enjoy 4K (Ultra HD) video calls and conferences with a frame rate of 60 fps

  • Run meetings with up to 1,000 participants (up to 1,600 using UDP Multicast mode)

  • Try different types of video conferencing: video call (one-on-one) and four conference modes — all on screen, video lecture, smart meeting and moderated role-based conference.

  • Private meetings for registered users and public webinars with guest connections

  • Meet both with guests and users registered on TrueConf Server

  • Schedule conferences, create virtual rooms, and send email invitations to meeting participants

  • Point-to-point video calls can be run directly between the users bypassing the server

  • Quick call-to-conference escalation

  • Attendees can push to talk or send a request to become a speaker in role-based conferences, while moderators can appoint or remove speakers from the podium

  • Switch between a smart meeting and moderated role-based mode without interrupting the conference

  • Take polls or share reactions in conferences

  • Call VoIP users, landline and mobile phone numbers and send DTMF commands

  • Call SIP/H.323 and RTSP devices

  • Automatically enlarge speakers in a meeting

  • Highlight active speakers in the video window layout with a customizable color frame and set up microphone sensitivity level

  • Remote desktop control

  • Show slides and images in a separate media stream to all participants, including in-browser connections and SIP/H.323 endpoints over H.239/BFCP protocols

  • Share your entire screen or separate windows. Both your video and content will be visible in recordings, streaming and on devices that do not support H.239/BFCP protocols

  • Exchange messages and share files in personal and group chats. Your messages will be delivered even if your partner is currently offline

  • Chat history, including group chats of the meetings that have already finished

  • Control PTZ cameras, both your own and participants’ devices

  • Record video calls and conferences, choose a suitable video format and storage location

  • Configure your own video layout

  • Set video layout background

  • Сonference moderators can lock video layout for all participants or set individual layouts for each user, including SIP/H.323 endpoints and browser participants

  • Control participants’ cameras and microphones, change devices or adjust microphone sensitivity

  • Add and remove participants while the conference is in progress

  • Blur the background

  • Set a virtual background (select one of the default backgrounds or add a custom one)

  • Full address book support (adding and deleting contacts and groups, editing contact information, searching and blocking contacts)

  • Automatic discovery of available servers

  • Optional network speed limitation templates or manual settings

  • Try built-in tools for testing the quality of server connection

  • Enjoy built-in algorithms of echo/noise cancellation and automatic gain control (AGC)

  • Start meetings instantly and save their templates

  • Create group chats that can be escalated into a group conference with all chat participants in one click.

  • Stay focused on your meeting when sharing your content or switching to other windows thanks to a customizable widget with quick conference controls

  • Push to talk even when your microphone is disabled.

  • Text formatting in chats

  • Built-in player for video recordings

  • Ability to share a contact in a private or group chat

  • Appoint chat moderator

  • Transfer chat ownership to another participant

  • Configure display settings for chat notifications

  • Show/hide previous chat history from new participants

  • View detailed analytics about a conference (available only to the owner)

  • Stream audio when sharing content or showing slides

  • Change app notification settings

  • Download conference recordings saved on the server (available only to the owner)

  • Set mandatory registration for webinar guests

# Installing the application

Before installation, make sure your computer and network connection meet our system requirements depending on the desired video quality.

To get started with TrueConf client application, download it from the guest page of your TrueConf Server instance (please contact your server administrator to find out its URL address) or from our official website:

Before using the client application, make sure that your operating system and graphics card driver is up to date. Please note that we recommend downloading the drivers from the manufacturer's official website (Intel (opens new window), Nvidia (opens new window), AMD (opens new window)).