Installation and configuration

Application installation

This guide will be equally helpful to Windows, macOS, and Linux users because TrueConf client applications for these operating systems have the same features and interface.

To get started with TrueConf for Windows client application, download it from the guest page of your TrueConf Server instance (please contact your server administrator to find out its URL address) or from our official website:

To show how TrueConf client application can be used, we will now take TrueConf for Windows as an example.

Connecting the application to the server

When TrueConf client application is launched for the first time, it will automatically detect a TrueConf Server instance in the local network and display a dialogue window for connecting to it.


Only TrueConf Server 4.5 + instances can be automatically detected.


By default, the application connects to TrueConf Online cloud service.

To switch to a corporate TrueConf Server instance, click the Change Server button.


In the window that opens, switch to TrueConf Server and enter the IP address or FQDN of your video conferencing server. Click the Connect button.


If the connection is successful, you’ll see Connected to in the upper right corner of the window.

Signing in

In the authorization window, enter your TrueConf ID (username) and password. If you don't know them, please ask your server administrator to provide you with your login details.

Then click Sign in.


Application settings

Video and audio

Click the Settings tab and select Hardware in the context menu. Next, select the camera, speakers, and microphone in the General tab.


In the Recording Device section, there are two checkboxes related to audio processing:

  • Echo cancellation

  • Automatic gain control.

These checkboxes are marked by default, and it is helpful in most cases. However, if you use a recording device with integrated echo cancellation/AGC mechanisms, we recommend disabling these options in the application to avoid conflicts between algorithms.

To select sound notifications and the playback device, go to the Application Sounds tab.



In the Settings → Network → General section, you can change your TrueConf server or connect to TrueConf Online.

If Suppress direct connection checkbox (unmarked by default) is marked, point-to-point video calls will be routed through the server.

To check the list of servers available for connection, click View list.


In the Limits and Test sections, you will be able to configure network settings at a more advanced level.