# Control Panel Description

The functionality of the control panel almost completely matches the settings that can be configured directly on the terminal. For an overview of the features and the recommended setup procedure, see the relevant sections:

Web-based management brings several advantages:

  • Configure and use the endpoint remotely outside the meeting room

  • Enjoy advanced conference management features

  • View and download conference recordings

  • View detailed technical information

  • Manage the endpoint from the convenience of the keyboard and mouse (as compared to remote control management).

To access the control panel, enter the IP address displayed at the top of the screen into the browser's address bar.

To control the endpoint using the control panel, you should first configure HTTP access.

For the sake of better user experiences, the control panel offers an adaptive UI which is optimized for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

# Quick Access Toolbar

To quickly access audio device settings, send messages to the conference layout, and open the on-screen remote control, you can use a special panel displayed in the lower part of each page in the web interface.

  • /group/media/control_panel/camera_off/en.png: Disable/enable camera
  • /group/media/control_panel/mic_off/en.png: Mute/unmute microphone
  • /group/media/control_panel/sound_off/en.png: Disable/enable speakers
  • /group/media/control_panel/sound_reduce/en.png and /group/media/control_panel/sound_increase/en.png: Decrease/increase speaker volume
  • /group/media/control_panel/web_remote_button/en.png: Open on-screen controller
  • /group/media/control_panel/send_message/en.png – send a message to the conference layout. After clicking this button, type a message (up to 257 characters) and click Send. The text will be displayed in the conference layout of the endpoint and all other participants for up to 15 seconds. Please note that TrueConf Group makes it possible to display messages in private and group chats sent from TrueConf client applications during group conferences created on TrueConf Server.

You can manage audio devices connected to the endpoint in the Settings → Audio section as well.

# On-screen controller

You can find a remote control emulation in the control panel, which can be useful (e.g. when entering the control panel from the mobile device).

To open the on-screen controller, press the button /group/media/control_panel/web_remote_button/en.png in the quick access toolbar. Here you have access to all management features as if you are using a real remote control, as described in the How to control TrueConf Group section.


# Information

In this section you can check the current settings of the endpoint and test if it is ready for work:

  • Network connection and connected devices status in the Hardware diagnostics section

  • IP, MAC, and SIP/H.323 addresses in the System status section

  • Software data in the Software components section

  • Information about the license and available features in the License options section.