How to Control TrueConf Group

There are several ways to control the endpoint:

  • Meeting room:

    • Using the remote control (an IR receiver is built in the front of the device)

    • Using hot keys on a USB keyboard connected to the endpoint

  • Remotely using the web interface in the local network

The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries (included).

Endpoint Home Screen

Once you have turned on the device, TrueConf Group home screen should appear:

  • Upper part: Local network connection state (endpoint IP address if connection is successful or Contacts otherwise), date, and time

  • Central part: Main menu

  • Lower part: Panel containing information about connected monitors (it automatically disappears after a few seconds) and endpoint notification icons:

  • Image from a webcam connected to the endpoint as a background

To go to any section in the main menu, you need to move the focus to it by using the arrow buttons on the remote control or keyboard and press <OK.


The remote control has buttons for most menu sections, which allow you to open them in one click. For example, the above main menu is assigned to the following buttons: Dial, Contacts, History, Settings.

See below for a complete list of buttons in Remote Control Buttons section.

To choose an item in the drop-down list or enter text, you need to move the focus to the corresponding element and press OK.

In addition, you can use the onscreen or regular keyboard to enter text. To call the onscreen keyboard, focus on the field and press Keyboard on the remote control.

Read more about different sections of the menu below in the sections on settings and using TrueConf Group.

Remote Control Keys


The remote control has the following keys:

Section 1

  • Power: Turn off the endpoint

  • Mute: Disable microphone (/group/media/mic_off/en.png icon will appear at the bottom of the screen)

Section 2

  • Assign: Put into PTZ setting mode

  • Menu: Open the menu to choose an outgoing video stream between cameras and content sources

  • Far End: During a call, switch control buttons (arrows and zoom buttons) between different content sources:

    • Your PTZ camera

    • Other user's PTZ camera

    • Shared presentation

Section 3

Section 4

  • Arrow keys: Move between interface elements

  • OK (Enter on the keyboard):

    • Click the button in focus on the screen

    • Expand the list in focus on the screen

Section 5

  • Dial: Click Dial button on the screen

  • Back:

    • Return to the previous section and hide it in the topmost section of the menu when working with the menu

    • End a communication session during a group conference or call

  • Hang Up:

    • End a call during a call with a single user:

    • Allow choosing and ending one of the connections during a group conference

    • Return to the previous section and hide it in the topmost section of the menu when working with the menu

Section 6

  • Zoom buttons +/- (left): Zoom the image when controlling a PTZ camera or playing a presentation

Section 7

  • Keyboard: When [working with the menu], calls the on-screen keyboard if the focus is on the input field

  • Rec: Start recording video (not only during a call but also while working with the menu) (/group/media/rec_start/en.png button will appear at the bottom of the screen)