# How to control TrueConf Group

There are several ways to control the endpoint:

  • In meeting room:

    • With a remote control (an IR receiver can be found on the front panel)

    • With hotkeys on the USB keyboard connected to the endpoint.

  • удалённо:

The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries (included in the package).

# Home Screen

Once you have turned on the device, TrueConf Group home screen will be displayed:

  • Upper part of the screen: Local network connection state (IP address of the endpoint if connection is successful or Network unreachable otherwise), date, time and notifications panel. Besides, in the upper part of the screen, users can check the status of SIP/H.323 registration:

    • SIP registration: if successful, you will see the endpoint’s name on the SIP server, e.g., SIP: meeting-room. Otherwise, an error code will be displayed, e.g., SIP: 200 Unregistered

    • H.323 gatekeeper registration: if successful, you will see the endpoint’s name on the H.323 gatekeeper, e.g., H323: meeting-room. Otherwise, an error code will be displayed, e.g., H323: TransportError.

  • Central part of the screen: main menu

    • Dial
    • Call history
    • Address book
    • Configuration
    • Calendar.

  • Lower part of the screen: notification icons

  • Video from the webcam connected to the endpoint displayed in the background.

To go to any section in the main menu, you need to move the focus to it by using the arrow buttons on the remote control or keyboard and press OK.

To choose an item in the drop-down list or enter text, you need to move the focus to the corresponding element and press OK.

In addition, you can use the onscreen or regular keyboard to enter text. To call the onscreen keyboard, focus on the field and press OK on the remote control.

Read more about different sections of the menu below (see Setting Up and How to control TrueConf Group sections).

# Remote Control Keys


The remote control has the following keys:

  1. Turn off the endpoint

  2. Adjust the volume level of the endpoint speakers

  3. Zoom the image when controlling a PTZ camera or showing slides

  4. Central key of the navigation box (OK button):

    • Press the selected button on the screen.

    • Expand the selected list on the screen.

  5. Клавиши-стрелки:

    • в меню – переход между элементами интерфейса;

    • во время звонка или конференции – управление PTZ-камерой.

  • Depending on the usage scenario:

    • In the main menu: press to go to the address book; press again to open the virtual keyboard and quickly add a new contact

    • During a video call: open the context menu to manage your call.

  • Return key:

    • In the main menu: go back to the previous section; in the upper menu: hide the menu

    • During a video call or conference: end the meeting.

  • Go to the main menu

  • Hang Up:

    • During a video call: end the meeting

    • During a group video conference: choose and end one of the connections

    • In the menu: return to the previous section; in the upper menu: hide the menu.

  • When entering characters or using the onscreen keyboard: delete the last typed character.

  • Call key:

    • In the address book or call history: call the selected user

    • In the main menu: Open the call menu.

  • Change video layout during a call or conference.

  • During a call, switch control buttons (arrows and zoom buttons) between different content sources:

    • Your PTZ camera

    • Other user's PTZ camera

    • Shared slides.

  • Choose a device to share content.

  • Mute microphone (/group/media/mic_off/en.png icon will appear at the bottom of the screen)

The onscreen controller with the same features is also available in the web interface.