TrueConf MCU

Software based easily scalable MCU server

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Wide media opportunities

TrueConf MCU not only allows you to receive and send any data and presentations on the protocols H.239 and BFCP, but also record and broadcast conferences, connect video surveillance systems and play media content in conferences.

Full support for H.323 and SIP protocols

With TrueConf MCU, you can completely use any video conferencing terminals, receive and send content, manage individual layouts, remote camera and work in closed networks.

Unlimited possibilities with TrueConf Server

TrueConf MCU is fully compatible with the TrueConf Server collaboration software platform and allows you to connect mobile devices to conferences, hold webinars, and integrate with telephony and Active Directory.

High performance

Thanks to the high degree of optimization and the use of modern algorithms for processing video streams TrueConf MCU provides excellent communication quality for each participant of the meeting and at the same time saves the computer resources of the server.

Affordable infrastructure

TrueConf MCU's architecture allows for up to 150 attendees to hold conferences with a high degree of optimization and NUMA support. The system can be deployed in popular virtualization environments or on any PC with Intel and AMD processors running Linux.

Flexible layouts

TrueConf MCU offers a huge variety of layouts for any usage scenario. Choose a layout for everyone in the conference, or customize it for each user individually.