# Address book

You can add new users, edit existing user accounts, and create user groups in the Address book section.

  1. Add new user or group

  2. Search address book

  3. Enable/disable group display

  4. View information about the user:

    • Username

    • Call protocols

    • Call settings.

5. The card that provides information about the selected contact and includes buttons for editing, deleting, and copying contact information (which may be helpful if you want to create a similar contact)

In the Username column of the address book, you can sort users in alphabetic order.

You can also add multiple users in groups or mark and delete some of them.

You cannot remove users who are currently participating in a conference from your address book.

# Creating a new user

To add a new contact to the address book, click the Create button and select Contact option in the drop-down list:

  1. Specify the Username that will be displayed in the address book.

  2. You can upload a user avatar that will be displayed in the predefined layout if a participant has not yet joined the conference or has turned off their camera.

  3. You can also specify the Display name (the name displayed during a conference). If you do not set the display name, the username will be displayed in meetings instead.

  4. Select the protocol type that the participant will use for connection.

  5. If you use SIP/H323, enter the call string format in the corresponding input field.

If you specify both protocols, the video conferencing server will make calls sequentially according to the priority configured in the Administration → Calls → Protocol priority section.

To add a TrueConf video conference as a meeting participant, you can use the same SIP/H.323 format, but enter the string 00<Conference_ID> or \c\<Conference_ID> instead of the username, where <Conference_ID> is the ID of the conference.

For example:



To add an IP camera, select the IP camera protocol type and enter its full RTSP URL address into the RTSP/MJPEG input field.

To add a VNC server, select the VNC protocol and enter the full address in the specified format.

In the Groups tab, you can add a new contact to an existing group.

In the Additional tab you can configure bitrate restrictions for a new address book contact and select audio/video codecs.

# Creating a user group

To create a group, please click Create and select Group.


Enter a group name into the corresponding input field and click Create. Then, select the users you want to add to the group and save changes.


When you enable group display in the Address book section, you can see the list of created groups and their participants. You can also edit or delete any group (without deleting its users) by clicking /mcu/media/group_edit_icon/en.png.