"Monitoring" section

This section displays all running conferences held on TrueConf MCU.


"Conferences" subsection

This section shows the information about running conferences:

  • Conference name

  • Number of participants

  • Duration

When you point the cursor on any conference, you can see the /mcu/media/stop_conference/en.png icon to stop the conference.


When you select any meeting from the Conferences list, on the left, you will see the control panel allowing you to:

  1. Set the conference layout.

  2. View the conference information:

    • PIN

    • Duration

    • Start time

    • End time

    • Content sharing permissions.

3. Start/stop conference recording.

4. Start/stop streaming (the streaming icon is visible if you specified the RTMP streaming URL when creating a conference).

5. Send messages.

6. Start/stop slideshow(.png, .jpeg, .bmp, .pdf, .ppt and .pptx formats are supported).

7. End the conference.

8. Search for conference participants.

9. View information about a conference participant.

10. Enable/disable a video stream from a participant.

11. Mute/unmute a participant's microphone.

12. Enable/disable audio receiving by a participant.

13. Enable/disable video receiving by a participant.

14. Preview a participant's camera video, shared content or individual layout. You can also request control over the participant's camera.

15.. If it is necessary, you can change:

  • Dipslay name(the name showed during a conference)

  • Audio settings (sound volume and microphone sensitivity)

  • Call details (data about incoming and outcoming video streams).

16. Enable Important Participant mode, so the user will be displayed in a larger window.

17. Disconnect a participant from the conference.

18. Redial the disconnected user.

"Participants" subsection


In this section, you can connect new participants to the conference.

  1. Search through the lists of connected users.

  2. Add a user by his/her email address.

  3. Select users from the following lists:

    • Pending connections — users who have called into a conference and and are waiting for the administrator to let them in.

    • Busy (in other conference) — users who were invited to the conference, but are currently unavailable because they are taking part in a different conference.

    • Not in the conference — all other users listed in the address book.

4. Invite selected participants to the conference.