# Making a call

# How to make calls

How to make a video call:

  1. Log in to the control panel.

  2. Click the Contacts button.

  3. Select a user from the address book or enter TrueConf ID.

If necessary, you can add a new user to a meeting. In this case, the call will be automatically transformed into an "all on screen" conference.

Please read below to learn more about calls to phones and third-party devices.

# How to call a device by IP/number

If you want to call a user or add conference participants, there will be multiple tabs for selecting different devices in addition to the standard address book.


When you switch between tabs in the search field, the prefix of the string identifying the user will change, and you will only need to enter the number and/or IP. The major examples of these strings are presented below.

If you can’t reach the user, first of all check call string format in the TrueConf Server documentation or consult with your system administrator. In addition to what is described in this section, the correct format may have subtle aspects or depend on server settings.

# Video conferencing endpoints

You can call video conferencing endpoints by their IP address or number (if the alias has been specified in the settings of the video conferencing server). However, if you assign default SIP/H.323 servers in the TrueConf Server gateway settings, entering the IP address is optional.

In a particular case, call string formats can be the following:

  • #sip:[user_id]@[server_ip]

  • #h323:[user_id]@[server_ip]

For more information, please read TrueConf Serverdocumentation.

# Phones

If you want to call phones, just enter a user number after the prefix, e.g., #tel:332.

You can call phones only if this feature has been enabled in TrueConf Server settings.

# IP cameras

If you want to call IP cameras (via RTSP), just enter the link to the camera after the prefix, e.g. #rtsp://