# Joining and creating a conference

# How to join a meeting

To join a meeting, enter the control panel and click the Join a meeting button.

Next, you will see the following options to join a meeting:

  • Joining with a conference ID

  • Joining a virtual room or scheduled conference

  • Calling a conference previously added to the address book


# With a QR code

To use this feature, you will need to enable QR code scanning.

Follow these instructions to join a conference with a QR code:

  1. Open the conference page on your mobile device.

  2. Tap on the QR code button.

  3. Bring the image close to the TrueConf Room camera.

# How to create a conference

You can create a conference on the fly, configuring a minimum of settings. Click the Ad-hoc meeting button to be taken to a new conference in the all on screen mode.

It is possible to create a conference with additional parameters, e.g., with a PIN. You can do it in the user personal area. To open it, go to Settings → Account and click on the Go to personal area button.

To create a conference in regular mode:

  1. Log in to the control panel.

  2. Click the Create a meeting button.

  3. Enter a name and select a conference mode.

  4. Add conference participants in the Conference participants section.

  5. Check the Automatically approve conference join requests box to have participants join a conference without confirmation.

You can also add video conferencing endpoints, IP cameras and other devices to the list of conference participants.

6. Click Start in the lower right corner.

You can save the settings of a conference as a template (e.g., you can save its mode, list of participants and settings for automatic join requests). Later, you can use this template to create a new conference. Conference history is displayed on the left.

Done! In are now in the conference. In the control panel, you can see quick panel designed for managing your event. Just wait for the others to join it.