TrueConf Room Pro

What is TrueConf Room Pro

TrueConf Room Pro plan offers more opportunities in using the application. You will be able to:

If you have TrueConf Room Pro plan, you can configure a more secure access for ordinary users of a meeting room and for those ones you personally sent password (not only administrators).

How to purchase TrueConf Room Pro

Depending on the number of endpoints you would like to equip and which TrueConf Server plan you are using, you could choose from several purchasing plans:

  • If you use a corporate version of TrueConf Server, you can bind TrueConf Room Pro plan to the server by buying it as a part of TrueConf Server license. TrueConf Room will automatically switch to the Pro version on each of the endpoints connected to TrueConf Server (the number of such endpoints is limited and dependent on your license).

  • To activate TrueConf Room Pro on a certain endpoint, including the endpoint connected to TrueConf Online, you need to contact TrueConf sales department available at