# TrueConf Room Service

# What TrueConf Room is used for

TrueConf Room Service is an additional program that makes it possible to set launch parameters for TrueConf Room. It enables administrators to:

  • Select the screen for starting the application and displaying the control panel

  • Configure the launch mode and select the location of the control panel on the screen

  • Set a new URL for the control panel

  • Set a custom PIN for starting the application

  • Run any script when starting or closing the application

  • Run the application with command-line parameters.


# Launch parameters

TrueConf Room can be launched with command-line parameters. You can use TrueConf Room Service to run the application automatically without the command line. To do it, go to the App tab and specify the options in the Extra params field. For example, to start the application with a virtual background, enter the parameters as it is shown in this picture: