# General settings

# Settings sidebar

  1. Log in to the control panel.

  2. Click the /room/media/gui/gear/en.png button in the upper left corner of the control panel.

To select a language go to the Settings → Language section.


# Audio and video settings

In the settings menu, go to the Audio & video → Conferences and calls section. There you can select devices that will be used by the application.

Instead of a camera, you can select an NDI stream available in the local network if this protocol is enabled in the Settings → Tools → Main section.


Go to More subsection to access the following settings:

  • Select a device to play back application sounds, e.g., an incoming call

  • Set up echo cancellation (enabled by default)

  • Enable higher frame rate when previewing video layout in the control panel (disabled by default)

However, if you use a recording device with integrated echo cancellation/AGC mechanisms, we recommend disabling these options in the application to avoid conflicts between the algorithms.

For the echo cancellation algorithm to work properly, you can run an audio test and identify a possible delay. To do this, click Estimate at the bottom of the window.


During the testing, you will hear several audio signals from the selected playback device. When the test is successfully completed, the time of delay will be displayed.

You can run the audio test again by clicking the Restart button, which will replace the Estimate button after the first successful testing.

When selecting 4K video conferencing equipment, read a simple guide to 4K video conferencing in our blog.

# Network settings

Server connection settings are available in the Network section of the settings sidebar. Here you can connect TrueConf Room to a different TrueConf Server instance or TrueConf Online and set the bitrate limit for input and output streams (10 Mbit/s by default).

You can also click on the /room/media/gui/available_servers/en.png button to display the list of available servers.


If Suppress direct connection checkbox (unmarked by default) is marked, point-to-point video calls will be routed through the server.

# Secure authorization

With the TrueConf Room Pro plan , you can protect the application from unwanted login using a password.

Set out access rules for TrueConf Room in the Security section of the settings sidebar.

Below you can fin our security implementation principles. To learn more about setup instructions, read our article.

# Security levels

There are various security levels:

# Security types

TrueConf Room supports the following types of secure authorization:

  • Password is a sequence of characters the administrator sets for security reasons. It should be entered manually each time you access the control panel. It is the only login method for administrator mode.

  • PIN code is a case-insensitive short sequence of characters generated automatically. Not only can it be entered manually, but it is also used to access the control panel via a link. It is a recommended login method for user mode.

Please note that secure login for users is available only if it has been configured for administrators.

The link with a PIN code is represented in the following way: [server]:[port]/[PIN], where:


If TrueConf Room works on the port 80 on a machine with IP address, you will need to use this link to access the control panel with a PIN code.

If you set a PIN code for user mode, the PIN will be embedded in the link on the main screen. This way, you can restrict access for users outside the meeting room, while meeting room participants won't need any additional measures to log in.

# Preferences settings

In the Settings → Preferences section you can change the following settings:

  • Incoming calls and conference invitation policies

  • Restore the main screen window when you receive incoming calls

  • Automatically approve podium requests (available for the meetings hosted on TrueConf Room).

  • Automatically accept podium invitations sent by meeting moderators

  • Display the names of meeting participants in the video layout.

# Tools

In the Settings → Tools section you can:

# QR code for joining a conference

To join a conference with a QR code, check the Enable QR code scanning box in Settings → Tools → General → More.

You will see a notification in the upper part of the main screen:


# Main screen view

The main display may be temporarily turned off due to some reason. In this case the OS will move the TrueConf Room main window to the second display. If you want TrueConf Room to switch to the first display automatically as soon as this display is turned on, you need to check the Pin Main Screen on the current display box.

With TrueConf Room Pro, you can adapt the main screen view to your preferences and corporate branding.

In the Main screen section of the settings menu, you can select the elements of the main screen to be displayed.

Here you can set your own background for the video area. To this end, select the Custom in the Video area background and click the Upload an image button.

When setting a custom background, please pay attention to the pixel size of your image. It should match the resolution of the display that shows the application’s main screen.

You can enable or disable:

  • Logo

Select the Custom option and click the Upload an image button to use your logo. The supported image type is svg.

  • Date and time

  • Connection details

Connection details checkbox enables the display of a QR code and a link to the control panel. If you disable this checkbox, you will have to manually send this link to users in the meeting room.

  • List of upcoming meetings

  • Information about the current user

  • Notifications about incoming calls and conference invitations.

If the Incoming calls, conference invitations and join requests box is checked, you will see information about the caller and the corresponding buttons on the main screen during calls.

# System information

You can check the technical specifications of the device running TrueConf Room, including the monitoring data of an active connection or conference, in the Settings → System info section.


# Device control

Here, in the Settings → System info section, you can remotely control the computer running TrueConf Room:

  • Restart the device

  • Disable it