# Sharing content and slides

With TrueConf Room, you can show slides during video conferences.

TrueConf Room allows the following formats for the slideshow: jpg, jpeg, and png. You can also import ppt and pptx slides. Besides, it is possible to use the slideshow in the special slides format (such files have to be saved in TrueConf client application).

You can upload an image or a slideshow in several ways:

  • Before a conference. Go to the Tools → Slideshow section of the settings sidebar.

  • During a video conference. Click the Slideshow → Slide management → Add slides button in the conference control panel.

After that, you will see a window with the added slides:

  1. List of slides

  2. Steps: Add slides and Clear all.

  3. Start button for slideshow

  4. Buttons to change the slide displayed: thumbnails and ** one full-screen slide**

You can change the order of uploaded slides by dragging them.

To start the slideshow, click the /room/media/gui/share_presentation_button/en.png button at the bottom of the screen. The slides will expand to full screen:


When viewing thumbnails, the shared slide has an icon /room/media/gui/circle_in_slide/en.png in the upper right corner. If you return to the conference control panel, a similar icon will flash on the Slideshow button.

With TrueConf Room, you can share content from a video capture card connected to your device. To this end, click the Slideshow button in the conference control panel and select Switch to HDMI. If more than one capture card is used in the system, a dialog box will appear to select the required one.

You can also switch to content sharing in the hardware control menu by choosing a capture card instead of your webcam.