How to use TrueConf Room

You can find the preliminary instructions in this section.

The following describes how to use the application that has been already installed, connected to the server and authorized.


Getting started

To use TrueConf Room, you need to open the control panel on your device:


When you enter the control panel, the monitor of a PC with TrueConf Room installed will exit the sleep mode.

If there is no link on the screen, ask the TrueConf Room administrator to provide it.

How to make calls

How to make a video call:

  1. Log in to the control panel.

  2. Click the Call button at the bottom of the page.

  3. Select a user from the address book or enter TrueConf ID.

Please read below to learn more about calls to phones and third-party devices.

How to create a conference

  1. Log in to the control panel.

  2. Click the Create a meeting button at the bottom of the page.

  3. Enter a name, select the conference mode.

  4. Add conference participants in the Conference participants block.

You can also add video conferencing endpoints, IP cameras and other devices to the list of conference participants.

  1. Click Start in the bottom right corner.

You can check the list of previous conferences displayed on the left to restart a past conference in one click or use its settings to create a new one.

Done! You've joined the conference. Just wait for the others to do the same.

During a conference

During a conference, in the TrueConf Room control panel you are able to:

During the meeting, you can view the system info by clicking the /room/media/about-button/en.png button in the upper right corner of the window.

Adding participants

To add new participants, take the following steps:

  1. Enter a name, select the conference mode and participants in the Conference participants block.

  2. Press this button /room/media/plus-button/en.png in the Add participants block.

  3. You will have access to several tabs when adding a participant or a device to the conference.


Changing video layouts

To select a video layout, you need to:

  1. Proceed to the Conference tools tab and choose Layouts.

  2. Choose the suitable video layout in the panel on the left side.


Switching video sources

You can connect several video capture sources to TrueConf Room.

If you need to change a source, press the Change video source button on the toolbar.


To change the video source before a conference, you need to press /room/media/switch-video-sources-button/en.png in the control panel area where the video from the camera is shown.

Dragging video windows to a different screen

TrueConf Room can work with multiple screens.

Use one of the following methods to display some of the conference participants or the additional content on a separate display.

Way 1

  1. Proceed to the Conference tools tab in a conference window.

  2. In the Available Screens section, you will find the list of displays connected to TrueConf Room. Select the one you need.

  3. In the pop-up menu, select the conference participant whose window you will show separately.


Way 2

  1. Click on the video window that you want to move to a separate display.

  2. You will see a dropdown menu with a list of available screens. Select the display you need.

Drag windows back to the general layout

If at least one of the video windows has been removed from the general layout, you will see the panel named Windows dragged from the general layout. To bring back a video window, take these steps:

  1. Unfold Windows dragged from the general layout panel.

  2. All the windows dragged out of the general layout will be displayed. Click on the one you need.

  3. Click Drag back to the general layout in the pop-up menu.

In the same way, you can select a different display to show the participant if multiple screens are connected to TrueConf Room. To do this, click Drag to a different screen in the pop-up menu.

Slide show

With TrueConf Room, you can show slides during video conferences.

TrueConf Room supports the following picture formats: jpg, jpeg and png.

You can upload slides:

  • before a conference. Go to the Tools → Slide show section of the settings sidebar.

  • during a conference. Go to the Slide show tab which is above the conference screen.

After the files have been uploaded, launch slide show using this button /room/media/share-presentation-button/en.png on top of the screen:


You can change the order of uploaded slides by dragging them.

How to call a device by IP/number

If you want to call a user or add a participant to the conference, you will see a number of tabs for selecting an appropriate type of device.


When you switch between tabs in the search field, the prefix of the string identifying the user will change, and you will only need to enter the number and/or IP. The major examples of these strings are presented below.

If you can't reach the user, first of all, ask the TrueConf Room administrator if the format of the call string is correct, or check TrueConf Server documentation. In addition to what is described in this section, the correct format may depend on the settings of your video conferencing server.

Video conferencing endpoints

You can call videoconferencing endpoints by their IP address or number (if the alias has been specified in the settings of the video conferencing server). However, if you assign default SIP/H.323 servers in the TrueConf Server gateway settings, entering the IP address will be optional.

Call string formats in a particular case look like:

  • #sip:[user_id]@[server_ip]

  • #h323:[user_id]@[server_ip]

Learn more in the TrueConf Server documentation.


If you want to call phones, just enter a user number after the prefix, e.g., #tel:332.

You can call phones only if this feature has been enabled in TrueConf Server settings.

IP cameras

If you want to call IP cameras (via RTSP), just enter the link to the camera after the prefix, e.g. #rtsp://