# Connecting to TrueConf Server

To use the video conferencing system, you have to install one of TrueConf client applications on your device.

# Where to find client applications

You can download client applications for all supported platforms from the guest page of your TrueConf Server (you can contact the server administrator to find out its address) or from our official website.


# Platforms supported by TrueConf client applications

The following platforms are natively supported:

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • Linux

  • Android

  • Android TV

  • iOS

  • iPadOS

  • WebRTC

Please note that a WebRTC application is available only to the users who have a link to the conference URL address.

# TrueConf client application features

Please note that the features available during a conference depend on your role in this meeting.

Our client applications enable you to:

# How to connect client applications to TrueConf Server

To connect an application to TrueConf Server, you should specify the server address on the network and sign in. For more information, contact your server administrator.

# How to update client applications

TrueConf for Windows client applications are embedded into the TrueConf Server installation package and updated automatically when the server is updated. Applications for Linux are available on our web site and in the repository of each operating system. All ways of installing TrueConf applications for Linux are described in the corresponding article in our knowledge base.

To update other client applications, you need to manually download the new version from our web site or get updates from the corresponding marketplace for Android/Android TV/iOS/iPadOS and macOS.