# TrueConf Tracker Tasks

TrueConf Tracker – is a specialized PC software used in small and medium-sized meeting rooms to automatically track speakers using PTZ camera.

Speaker tracking has been implemented thanks to the integration between TrueConf Tracker software and microphone array based on beamforming technology and microphone data transmission.

# System Requirements

TrueConf Tracker is compatible with Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

The application works with any PTZ camera via UVC or VISCA protocols.

Phoenix Audio Condor with an audio processor firmware version 1.7+ should be used as a microphone array.

The list of system requirements is stored and updated on TrueConf website at


# Download and Install

The application is available for download on TrueConf website at:


Download, run the exe-file to install and go through all the steps. Once installation is complete, the application is ready-to-run.

This video will give you the idea about TrueConf Tracker features: