# Conference page

Every conference, created on TrueConf Server has a web page. Its user interface may differ depending on the conference schedule and privacy mode.

# A virtual room or a scheduled conference that has already been started

If it is a virtual room or a scheduled conference that has already been started, you will see the buttons allowing you to join the meeting either from TrueConf client application or from the browser. If it is a webinar, you will be able to join as a guest; in this case, you will need to enter your name in the corresponding field:


# Scheduled conference without registration

In this case you will see the general information about the webinar and the button for adding this event to your calendar:


If the conference has already been started, you will be able to join it either with your TrueConf Server account or as a guest (available for a webinar) as it is shown above.

# Scheduled conference with open registration

The registration is available only for public conferences. In this case, you will see the Sign up button. If you click on it, you will be asked to fill out the registration form (required fields will be marked with an "asterisk"):


If email invitations were allowed on TrueConf Server, you will receive a connection link that will be sent to the email you provided when filling out the form. Otherwise, you will need to click on the Copy link button to copy and save the conference join link.

The conference join link is unique; it cannot be shared with any other participant or used for joining a meeting from multiple devices. For example, you will be disconnected from the conference you joined on your computer if you also try to join this event from your mobile phone.

Authenticated TrueConf Server users can be allowed to join the conference when configuring registration settings. In this case a user can add oneself to the list of webinar participants in the following way:

  1. Authenticate on the conference page by clicking on these buttons: Sign in → Enter as a registered user.

  2. Click on Attend.

Check out the article in our knowledge base to learn more about different ways of joining a conference.