# Features available to your account

On the right panel of the personal area main page, you can find the list of features available to you:

If any of these features is unavailable to you, contact the server administrator and ask for a list of rights given to you.

# Address book editing

Address book is a list of contacts (both user accounts and call strings) that a TrueConf Server user can view and browse from a client application.

If this feature is unavailable, you will only be able to see the address book provided by the server administrator without being able to edit it.

# Make calls (video calls)

A video call is a mode involving two participants who can see and hear each other.

If this feature is unavailable, you won't be able to make video calls but, only receive incoming calls.

# Create group conference

If this option is unavailable, you will be able only to join conferences, but not create them.

You can create group conferences in one of the four modes with TrueConf client applications and in the personal area:

  • All on screen is a video conference where all participants can see and hear each other.

  • Video lecture is a conference where the moderator can see all the participants while the participants can only see the moderator.

  • Moderated role-based conference is a conference where participants can see and hear only presenters. Any participant can become a presenter; to do it, he/she has to be approved by the moderator.

  • Smart meeting is similar to a moderated role-based conference; however, in this case, every participant automatically becomes a presenter as soon as he/she starts speaking or sharing content.

# Screen sharing

This right enables you to share your desktop and separate application windows in TrueConf client application. This feature does not affect the ability to view the content shared by other participants.

# Remote desktop control

If this feature is available, any participant in a conference or video call can control your desktop if you have allowed it in application settings. Please note that the remote control can be requested only if you are sharing your desktop (not one of application windows or a slideshow).

# Slideshow

This right enables you to show slides in TrueConf client application. If this feature is disabled, you will still be able to view the slides shown by other participants.

# Send files

If you do not have this right, you will not be able to send files to personal or group chats. However, you will still be able to send messages, share contacts or download the files sent by other users.

# Receive files

This right allows you to receive files in private and group chats. If you do not have this right, instead of a file there will be a chat message indicating that you are not permitted to receive files. However, you will still be able to download the files that you sent previously providing that you have the permission to send them.

# Conference recording

This feature enables you to record calls and conferences in TrueConf client application. This feature does not affect the right to record video meetings on the server side.

# Operator rights

This right means that your account was added to the operator group which gives you the following permissions:

  • You automatically receive the rights of a moderator in any conference you join.

  • None of the participants, including the conference owner, can dismiss you from the moderator role.

  • You can join any PIN-protected meeting without having to enter PIN, regardless of when this passcode was set, before the conference start or during the conference.

Moderator is a conference participant who is allowed to:

  • Invite users to a conference

  • Remove users from a conference

  • Give or take the "podium" without a request (in a moderated role-based conference)

  • Pin presenters on the “podium” (in a smart meeting)

  • End a conference for all participants

  • Set up video window layouts for participants and control their audio and video devices.