Calls and conferences

How to make a call

To call a user, find the user in the address book, click on the user’s name and then press /client-ios/media/call_button/en.png button.


How to create a conference

With TrueConf for iOS/iPadOS, you can create a video conference based on three conference modes: symmetric, asymmetric (video lecture) or role-based (virtual meeting).

Symmetric conference

Open your application and press Group Conference in your address book.

Choose Symmetric conference mode and click the Create button. The meeting has started.

To add the first participant to the conference, find their name in the address book and call them. You can add other participants in the same way.


Role-based conferences

Follow the guide described in the section above and select Role mode while creating the conference.

As a moderator, you can invite any participants to take the podium and become a speaker upon the conference has been launched. To do this, press Participants button in the conference manager.

/client-ios/media/participants/en.png /client-ios/media/invite_to_podium/en.png

Conference attendees capabilities

Audio remark

To let other meeting participants hear you without becoming a speaker, press the speaking person icon and hold it while you are speaking. All meeting participants will hear your comment.


Become a speaker

To speak on the podium, press Not Casting in the conference window. When the moderator grants you podium access you will become a speaker.