# Video calls and conferences

# How to make a call

To call a user, find the user in the address book, tap the user’s name and then press /client-ios/media/gui/call_button_green/en.png button.


# How to create a conference

With TrueConf for iOS/iPadOS, you have three conferencing modes available: all on screen conference (symmetric), video lecture (asymmetric) and role-based conference.

Tap the /client-ios/media/gui/info_conf/en.png button to learn more about the maximum number of participants in a conference for each mode.

# How to join conferences automatically

When you join a meeting by calling its owner, the owner receives a corresponding request by default. You can change these settings by enabling the Accept new participants automatically option in the Options → General section. In this case, a user who wants to participate in the meeting will automatically connect to the meeting when calling its owner.

This feature is intended for group conferences only.

# All on screen (symmetric) conference

Press the Conference button in the bottom menu.

Choose All on screen conference mode and tap the Create button. The meeting has started.


To add the first participant to a conference, please swipe from left to right. You will open the Conference Participants window. Tap on the Add Participants button, select participants and tap the Add button.

# Role-based conference

Follow the steps described in the previous section and select Role-based mode while creating the conference.

You can learn more about role-based conferences in the section.

# How to schedule a conference

In the Conference window, tap on the /client-ios/media/gui/schedule_conference/en.png button to access the conference scheduler. Here, you will be able to:


Read TrueConf for Windowsdocumentation to learn more about this tool.

# How to join the conference

  1. Tap the Conference button at the bottom of the application window.

  2. Tap /client-ios/media/gui/connect_to_conference/en.png to open the conference join menu.

  3. Enter your conference address or its ID and tap the Join button.


You can also join a conference from your address book. In the search bar, enter Conference ID or a conference join link and tap the /client-ios/media/gui/call_button_yellow/en.png button.


According to the Apple's security policy, you can join a conference via a link only if the server uses a commercial HTTPS certificate.

To learn about other ways of joining a conference, check out TrueConf for Windows documentation.

# With a QR code

You can also join a video meeting with a QR code from the conference join page. However, to use this feature, you have to sign in to the personal area on the conference page.