# Benefits of TrueConf video conferencing

TrueConf Server video conferencing system provides a number of advantages and unique technologies.

# Relatively low system requirements

You do not need a powerful server to deploy TrueConf Server. Instead, you can use a PC based on a modern Intel or AMD CPU and choose between Microsoft Windows Server or Linux operating systems. You can find system requirements for common configurations in our article.

# Convenient administration

TrueConf Server has a number of features that can simplify its administration:

  • TrueConf’s proprietary protocol that works with TrueConf client applications using a single TCP port.
  • Operation in LAN/VPN of any configurations, including satellite communication channels.

  • Synchronization with user and group directories via LDAP protocol.

  • Endpoints (PC, browsers and mobile devices) do not need to have a direct IP address for communication.

  • Works through NAT, Firewall and Proxy.

# Advanced data transmission technologies

TrueConf Server uses the following technologies to improve the quality and reliability of video communication:

  • dynamic adjustment of data transmission rate

  • scalable video coding (SVC)

  • direct connection priority using Hole punching technology

  • automatic connection restoring if the connection fails

  • adaptive buffer for incoming audio and video data streams.

# 4K video conferencing

With TrueConf Server and TrueConf Server Free, you can organize UltraHD (3840x2160, 4K) video meetings. In group conferences, total image resolution can be up to 7680×4320 (Ultra HD 8K).

Read more about UltraHD video calls and system requirements for user devices in our articles.

# Collaboration tools

TrueConf Server provides a number of collaboration tools:

Do you want to organize a video conference and stream it for a broad audience in real time? With TrueConf, you can stream your meetings using the built-in RTSP gateway. TrueConf supports the following popular services:

You can also manually set up conference streaming to other third-party services, for example, Facebook.

# Managing video layouts and participants’ devices

TrueConf Server users can configure video layouts, manage devices of conference participants, and use other options for streamlining meetings: