# Extensions

The core features of TrueConf Server can be enhanced with various extensions. Many of these extensions are available in all versions of the server, including the free version. However, some of them can be activated only after purchasing the specific technical support package.

# SIP / H.323 / RTSP gateway

You can use this extension to connect third-party devices to your TrueConf meetings, for example:

With TrueConf Server Free, you can have one SIP/H.323/RTSP connection for free.

The gateway acts as a gatekeeper or SIP registrar for third-party devices that will be displayed as regular TrueConf users in the address book.

# Integration with LDAP and Active Directory

With this extension, you can synchronize user information between the TrueConf Server address book and your company's LDAP directory service (e.g., Active Directory). Administrators can centralize and automate user account management operations, such as adding new users or removing ex-employees, resetting passwords, or keeping user data up to date.

This extension is available in any version of the server, including TrueConf Server Free.

# Public Web Conferences

With this extension you can organize public web conferences available to users that do not have an account on your TrueConf Server instance. This feature is typically used for conducting webinars.

Each public web conference has an external web page that contains a conference description and provides information on how to connect to it. You can also embed a public web conference to your website with a widget.

With TrueConf Server Free, you can organize public web conferences with 1 guest connection. If you would like to add more guest connections to your license, please contact us to request a free trial or purchase the extension.

# UDP Multicast

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) Multicast is a data transmission protocol under which a signal is transmitted through the Multicast switch, bypassing the server.

This extension is available when purchasing the full technical support package.

During a standard group video conference (without UDP Multicast mode) data are transmitted through a TrueConf Server instance to each participant. Data traffic during such a conference can substantially load the server channel.


The implementation of UDP Multicast mode during a group conference allows its participants to exchange data directly with each other without the server, thus decreasing its network load. Audio and video streams are transmitted only inside the UDP Multicast domain. These domains can be used in LAN or VPN. By default, data transmission under UDP Multicast protocol is available only inside a closed corporate network.

If UDP Multicast technology is used, there can be up to 1600 participants in a conference (e.g., in a moderated role-based conference with only one speaker).


Please note that in UDP Multicast mode, some features are not supported; this includes conference recording, connections via SIP/H.323/RTSP, browser-based conferences via WebRTC, and streaming to third-party services.

# Live streaming

With this extension you can stream video conferences via third-party platforms or content delivery services such as CDNvideo, YouTube, Facebook or Wowza. You will be able to reach more than 1 million viewers; the maximum number is limited only by the capacity of your preferred streaming platform.

This extension is available when purchasing the extended or full technical support package.

# Federation

You can use the Federation extension to make calls between users of multiple TrueConf Server instances deployed in different branches within your network. Thanks to this feature, you can also contact other companies that use TrueConf solutions (both on-premises or cloud-based).

In the federation mode, users of your TrueConf Server instance can call and invite other TrueConf users to conferences and vice versa.

Federation is a basic feature included in every TrueConf Server standard license. To enable federation, you need to purchase any TrueConf Server paid license.

# DDoS protection module

With this extension you can protect your TrueConf Server from DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks. Such attacks are carried out by hackers to disrupt the server and prevent it from handling users’ requests. They can render your video conferencing system unavailable to users or slow it down significantly. The DDoS protection module will make it impossible to damage your infrastructure.

# Integration with DLP

This extension is a part of TrueConf Enterprise; it allows TrueConf Server to be connected to a third-party DLP system via ICAP (RFC 3507) (opens new window) protocol.

DLP system (Data Leak Prevention) is a specialized software solution that follows certain security policies to prevent the leakage of confidential information, for example, it is needed to ensure that data cannot cross the borders of the corporate network.

Thanks to the integration with such a system, every message (including a file) sent in private and group chats is automatically directed to a DLP system before it could be directed to the recipient. This message will be checked and if it does not meet security requirements set on the side of the DLP system, it will not be sent. On the side of TrueConf Server, you can choose if the recipient should see a notification that the message was blocked or simply receive no message.

# Support for SDK applications

With TrueConf SDK you can develop your own video conferencing applications based on TrueConf technologies or integrate video conferencing to an existing application or website.

TrueConf provides libraries for all popular desktop (Windows, Linux, macOS) and mobile (iOS, Android) platforms.

An example of an application created using TrueConf SDK is TrueConf Kiosk, a video-enabled customer care solution.

In addition to SDKs available for various platforms, we offer TrueConf VideoSDK as the framework allowing you to develop custom solutions for meeting rooms of any size and self-service kiosks. This solution provides an interface for participating in video calls (display of video windows, notifications, and so forth) and the web-based control panel for changing settings. To moderate the flow of a meeting, one can use a wide range of API commands that can be run in any program code.

# TrueConf Directory

This extension allows users of your TrueConf Server instance to search for users/groups on all TrueConf servers synchronized with it and add them to the address book. TrueConf Directory offers a global address space available in all client applications.

TrueConf Directory is a part of TrueConf Enterprise.

# TrueConf License Manager

This extension is a part of TrueConf Enterprise. It is needed for distributing the pool of licenses used by a group of TrueConf Server instances.

# TrueConf Border Controller

TrueConf Border Controller is an extension included in TrueConf Enterprise. This extension is supposed to be installed in the DMZ (demilitarized zone) of the corporate network and used to protect video conferencing servers from unwanted outside traffic.

To learn more about the work of this extension and its configuration, check the documentation.

# TrueConf Enterprise

When using TrueConf Server in large enterprises with over 500 employees, one may find it necessary to deploy additional servers. This approach is convenient for companies with geographically dispersed branches.

To meet the needs of such clients, TrueConf offers TrueConf Enterprise, a turnkey solution with a unique configuration tailored to the requirements of a particular customer.

Main benefits:

  • The complete replication of key nodes ensures 99.99 % availability of all system components across the entire enterprise.

  • TrueConf Enterprise users have exclusive access to a premium tech support package.

  • The ability to balance server load (by connecting additional TrueConf Server instances along with dynamic license borrowing on the main server).

  • Branding client applications.

You can learn more about this solution and request it on our website.