# Video Recordings

Video recordings tab stores conference recordings and brief information about each file: creation date, duration, and size.

At the bottom of the page, you will also find a set of buttons for controlling recording and broadcasting, similar to the Conference control tab.

# View recordings

To watch the recording, click on a row in the table. To hide the video window, click on that recording in the list again.

One can open the additional menu by clicking on the button /group/media/control_panel/video_additional/en.png when the video is played. You can also move the media player to a separate window, by selecting the Picture in picture option. This will allow you to use the control panel while watching the video. It will also be possible to increase the video playback speed.

# Management of the record list

To download or delete a recording, use /group/media/control_panel/download_record/en.png and /group/media/control_panel/delete_record/en.png buttons respectively.

This list also offers bulk actions: you can check several boxes and download all of them at once or delete them using the corresponding buttons above the list.

For information on how to set up conference recording, refer to the "Preparing for a Conference" section.