# createConference

Description: Create a group conference.

Receiving a positive response ("result" : true) indicates that the command has been accepted for execution. The result will come in a separate notification.

The successful conference start will be indicated in one of these ways:

  1. On changing the current connection status to 5 in the appStateChanged notification.

  2. The notification conferenceCreated will be received

Request example:

    "method" : "createConference",
    "requestId" : "1",
    "title" : "Code review",
    "confType" : "symmetric",
    "autoAccept" : false,
    "inviteList" : [

Response example:

    "method" : "createConference",
    "requestId" : "1",
    "result" : true

Parameter description:

  • title — Conference name

  • autoAccept — Flag allowing participants to automatically join conference

  • confType — Conference type. It can be as follows:

    • symmetricAll on screen

    • asymmetricVideo lecture

    • role - Role-based

  • inviteList - an array of strings with unique user identifiers (TrueConf ID) to whom an invitation will be sent to the conference. Possible values:

    • PeerId - supported. It is automatically converted to CallId inside the application and the command is executed with it. In this case, the invitation will be received by the user on all devices.

    • CallId - supported. The invite will be received by the user on all devices.

    • InstanceId - supported. The user will receive the invitation on a specific application instance.

  • requestId - unique request identifier. More details can be found here

Do not specify the account under which VideoSDK/Room (i.e. yourself) is authorized in the inviteList list, it will be automatically added as the first participant in the role of owner.

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