# sendFileToConference

Version: 4.1.0+

Description: Send a file to all participants in a group conference.

Request example:

    "method" : "sendFileToConference",
    "requestId" : "1",
    "fileId" : 1540297789

Response example:

    "method": "sendFileToConference",
    "requestId" : "1",
    "sentFileRequestId": "8ea49736-a009-458b-945b-8ac2f51a2187",
    "result": true

Parameter description:

  • fileId - the unique identifier of the file on the built-in http server that was previously uploaded

  • sentFileRequestId — the unique identifier of the file request (available only if the command has been successfully executed)

  • requestId - a unique request identifier. You can learn more about it here.

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