# setCrop

Version: 4.1.0+

Description: Enabling/disabling the "smart crop, face tracking" feature – automatic tracking of the speakers' faces captured by the VideoSDK/Room camera.

Through the cropChanged notification, you receive information about the change in the status of this feature. You can set the mode when launching the application using the command line key --crop. By default, the 720p mode will be used.

Request example:

    "method" : "setCrop",
    "requestId" : "1",
    "enabled" : true

Response example:

    "method": "setCrop",
    "requestId" : "1",
    "result": true

Parameter description:

  • enabled - mandatory flag indicating the enabling/disabling of "smart cropping"

  • requestId - a unique request identifier. You can learn more about it here.

See also: