# moveVideoSlotToMonitor

Description: Move a video slot to a separate monitor.

Does not work for monitors that have been added to the ignore list using the command line parameter --ignore_monitor when launching VideoSDK/Room.


    "method": "moveVideoSlotToMonitor",
    "requestId" : "1",
    "callId": "user1@some.server/InstanceId",
    "monitorIndex": 1

Response example:

    "method" : "moveVideoSlotToMonitor",
    "requestId" : "1",
    "result" : true

Parameter description:

  • callId - identifier of the slot to be removed. It is advisable to use those obtained from methods: videoMatrixChanged, getVideoMatrix. Applicability:

  • monitorIndex — Monitor index.

  • requestId - a unique request identifier. You can learn more about it here.

See also: