# getTariffRestrictions

Description: Obtain information about rights and restrictions.

All parameters in the command response are available only when the user is authorized

    "method" : "getTariffRestrictions",
    "requestId" : "1"

Response example:

    "tariffName": "Free",
    "p2p": true,
    "createMulti": true,
    "symMaxNumber": 3,
    "asymMaxNumber": 0,
    "roleMaxNumber": 0,
    "rlMaxNumber": 0,
    "canUseSlideShow": true,
    "canUseDesktopSharing": true,
    "canChangeAddressBook": true,
    "canEditGroups": true,
    "canUseDialer": false,
    "method": "getTariffRestrictions",
    "requestId" : "1",
    "result": true

Parameter description:

  • tariffName— the plan (subscription) name

  • p2p - a flag indicating whether video calls are available.

  • createMulti - a flag indicating whether creating group conferences is available.

  • symMaxNumber - how many people can be in a group conference everyone on screen at the same time.

  • asymMaxNumber — the field showing how many users can simultaneously participate in a video lecture

  • roleMaxNumber — Field that shows information about how many people can simultaneously participate in a role-based conference

  • rlMaxNumber - field that contains the maximum possible number of speakers who can be on the podium at the same time.

  • canUseSlideShow — the field indicating if slideshow is allowed

  • canUseDesktopSharing — the field indicating if content sharing is allowed

  • canChangeAddressBook — the field indicating if address book can be edited

  • canEditGroups — the field indicating if address book groups can be edited

  • canUseDialer — the flag indicating if it is possible to use the "dialer" (tone dialing)

  • requestId - unique request identifier. More details can be found here

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