# receivedFileRequest

Description: the notification about a request for file reception.


    "method": "event",
    "event": "receivedFileRequest",
    "fileRequestId": "ed2c9e7a-7d6c-4e4c-a99f-d8eb2debdd31",
    "peerId": "820_1@some.server",
    "peerDn": "820_1",
    "fileName": "4.png",
    "fileSize": 2304,
    "timestamp": 1659279697784

Parameter description:

  • fileRequestId — the identifier of the file request

  • confId — the unique session identifier (available only if the file was sent in a group conference)

  • peerId — Unique identifier (TrueConf ID) of a user who sent a file

  • peerDn — Display name of a user who sent a file

  • fileName — File name

  • fileSize — File size in bytes.

  • timestamp - the timestamp of the request creation (type Unix Timestamp)

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