# realtimeManagmentUrlChanged

Version: 4.2.0+

Description: a notification about the change in availability, as well as the link to real-time meeting management itself.


    "method": "event",
    "event": "realtimeManagmentUrlChanged",
    "url": "https://some.server/tools/real-time?k=00A97D58CC2CECFE8421248F3E730C6E52010FCF&call_id=user1%40some.server&stream_id=00008417aa310f34%40some.server%23vcs&lang=rus",
    "confId": "00000351@some.server#vcs"

Parameter description:

  • url - link to real-time meeting management. Always present. The value is empty if the link is unavailable.

  • confId - unique communication session identifier. This field is present only if the link itself exists.

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