# inviteReceived

Description: the notification about an incoming video call (call) or about an invitation to a group conference (createConference, inviteToConference).


    "event": "inviteReceived",
    "peerId": "user@some.server",
    "peerDn": "John Doe",
    "type": 3,
    "confTitle": "Code Review",
    "confId": "00000351@some.server#vcs",
    "method": "event"

Parameter description:

  • confId — Unique communication session identifier

  • peerIdTrueConf ID unique identifier of a user who sent you an invitation

  • peerDn — Display name of a user who sent an invitation

  • type — Conference type that can be as follows:

    • 0Video call

    • 1 - all on screen

    • 2 - video lecture

    • 3 - role-based

  • confTitle — Group conference name. It is available only if this is an invitation to join a group conference

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