# conferenceCreated

Description: the notification received when joining a conference.


    "event": "conferenceCreated",
    "confId": "000002c6@some.server#vcs",
    "confTitle": "test conf",
    "confType": 1,
    "isSmartMeeting" : false,
    "conferenceOwner": "user1@some.server",
    "joinUrl": "",
    "realTimeConferenceManagmentUrl": "",
    "peerId": "user1@some.server",
    "method": "event"

Parameter description:

  • confId — Unique communication session identifier

  • peerId — Unique outgoing call identifier. It is available only if a call is outgoing.

  • confTitle — conference name. This parameter is available only when creating a group conference.

  • joinUrl — a link for joining a conference. The parameter can be empty.

  • isSmartMeeting - a flag indicating whether the current communication session is a smart meeting selector

  • realTimeConferenceManagmentUrl - link to the advanced conference management page provided by the video conferencing server. This field may be missing.

  • conferenceOwner — The owner of the conference. This parameter is available only if the VideoSDK/Room is in a group conference

  • confType — It shows a conference type. It can be as follows:

    • 0Video call

    • 1 - all on screen

    • 2 - video lecture

    • 3 - role-based

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