# incomingFileRequestAccepted

Version: 4.1.0+

Description: the notification indicating that the command requesting the reception of a file has been executed.


    "method": "event",
    "event": "incomingFileRequestAccepted",
    "fileRequestId": "2bef033b-f96f-496a-be51-e9705161af86",
    "peerId": "820_1@some.server",
    "peerDn": "820_1",
    "fileName": "2.jpg",
    "fileSize": 3200,
    "timestamp": 1659285238608

Parameter description:

  • fileRequestId — the identifier of a file request directed to the API

  • fileName — File name

  • peerId — the unique identifier (TrueConf ID) of the user who sent the request

  • peerDn — the display name of the user who sent the request

  • timestamp — the timestamp indicating when the file request was created

  • confId — the identifier of a group conference in which the file request was created. The field is empty if the request was created outside the conference.

  • fileSize — the physical size of a file measured in bytes

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