# systemRatingUpdated

Description: the notification received when the system rating changes.


    "videoQuality": {
        "send": "UHD",
        "receiveP2P": "UHD",
        "receiveGroup": "UHD"
    "videoContentLevels": {
        "send": 66,
        "receiveP2P": 75,
        "receiveGroup": 91,
        "bench": 740273
    "event": "systemRatingUpdated",
    "method": "event"

Parameter description:

  • videoQuality — information about the quality (resolution) of inbound and outbound video

    • send — the quality (resolution) of outbound video

    • receiveP2P - indicates the quality (resolution) of the received video in a video call

    • receiveGroup — total quality (resolution) of inbound video in a group conference (total quality of all incoming video feeds)

  • videoContentLevels — Information about the quality of incoming and outgoing video

    • send — Video encoding performance value

    • receiveP2P - a value that characterizes performance when decoding video in a video call

    • receiveGroup — Total video decoding performance value (for all incoming video feeds)

    • bench — Overall performance rating

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