# userPinEventOccurred

Version: 4.3.0+

Description: notification about pinning or unpinning a participant in the Automatic stage appearance by VAD mode.


    "peerId": "user2@some.server/56ad64as",
    "eventCode": 0,
    "confId": "00000351@some.server#vcs",
    "event": "userPinEventOccurred",
    "method": "event"

Parameter description:

  • peerId - the unique identifier of the user (TrueConf ID) who has been pinned or unpinned

  • eventCode - the code indicating the occurred event

    • 0 - attendee was pinned

    • 1 - participant was detached

    • 2 - participant was not pinned because the maximum number of pins has been reached

    • 3 - participant was not pinned because such participant is not in the conference

  • confId — Unique identifier of an ongoing conference

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