# Conference management

# Inviting users to the conference

You can add participants from your address book right when creating a conference as it is described in the corresponding section.

Moreover, if you are the moderator of an ongoing conference, you can invite participants to join it. There are three options to do so.

  1. Go to the list of participants using the button /client/media/gui/view_participants_button/en.png and click Add participants.

  2. If you call any user during a conference, this user will be invited to join your current conference.

  3. Third, if you are the conference owner or have operator rights, you can go to the participants list in the real-time meeting manager and invite users by clicking the /client/media/gui/add_participant_button/en.png button to the right of the search bar.

The users, who did not join the meeting, will be displayed as a separate Unconnected group in the conference participant list. You can remove any of these participants (right-click on a participant to open the context menu and remove) or clear the entire list by clicking on the /client/media/gui/participants_more_button/en.png button.


# Inviting a user group to the conference

To add a user group to a conference, go to the group list display mode and click Invite to conference in the group context menu. You will enter the conference creation menu.


In the same way, you can invite the group to an active video meeting if you are the meeting moderator.

To add a new participant or group without leaving the conference window, you need to go to the list of conference participants and click Add participants.

# User group actions

Click on the button /client/media/gui/group_operations_of_participant/en.png to select the required action over conference participants.


The same button is available for the list of users who did not join the conference. It will allow you to re-invite all them to the meeting.

You can also select the participants to whom an action should be applied. To select a participant, right-click on this user’s avatar in the list.


# Disconnecting participants

The moderator can disconnect a participant or another moderator during a meeting (removing the conference owner is unavailable). To this end, right click on the user name and select Disconnect participant in the list of conference participants (don't forget to go to the list of participants rather than the address book).


You will need to confirm the removal of a participant by clicking on the corresponding button. Please note that if you have marked the Do not allow to rejoin box, the user will be unable to join this meeting later.


# Appointing a single speaker

During a conference you can appoint a conference participant as a single speaker. To do it, right-click on this user in the list of participant and select the Mute all but [name] option in the context menu; here [name] is the name of the selected participant.


This command will unmute the microphone of the selected participant, while other participants’ microphones will be muted.

# Conference analytics

The conference owner can check detailed information about participants and their activity during the event. To do it, you will need to:

  1. Click on the /client/media/gui/conference_button/en.png button in the application menu to access the Conferences section.

  2. Select the list of conferences depending their start mode: Scheduled conferences or Virtual rooms.

  3. Click on the conference for which you want to check the analytics.

  4. Click on the Analytics button in the conference card.

  5. In the analytics section, you will be able to check the following data:

    • Information about participants

    • Connection history

    • Messages sent to the common chat.

It is also possible to search within these data and apply filters. If necessary, any list can be saved to a csv file. To do it, click on the /client/media/gui/save_analytics_list/en.png button.


# Managing participants' AV devices

During a conference a moderator can control participants’ audio and video devices. To do it, take these steps:

  1. Click on the /client/media/gui/view_participants_button/en.png in the upper right corner of the conference window.

  2. You will open the list of participants. Right-click on the selected user.

  3. The context menu will include multiple options for controlling the participant’s devices.


It is also possible to control the devices of all participants. Click on the button /client/media/gui/group_operations_of_participant/en.png in the upper right corner of the list and select the required option in the context menu:


It is also possible to fine-tune participants’ devices (select the appropriate camera or microphone or control the microphone gain). To do it, go to the real-time meeting management section and follow the steps described in TrueConf Server user guide.

# Changing the conference PIN and ID on the fly

During an ongoing conference a moderator can change the PIN and ID (unique identifier) of this meeting. This may be helpful when invited participants are connected, and you want to make the conference inaccessible to uninvited users. To do it:

  1. Go to the real-time meeting management.

  2. Click on the button /client/media/gui/rtm_additionals/en.png.

  3. Select the required option and specify the new PIN or ID. It is possible to automatically generate a PIN and set a new one if it was not specified before. Additionally, you can delete the PIN.

The owner can change the PIN of a conference even without joining it (without being included in the list of participants). The corresponding option will be available in the conference card when selecting this event in the list of meetings either in the client application scheduler or in the personal area.

# Locking the conference

A moderator can lock the conference for new participants at any moment. This meeting will be unavailable to new participants either temporarily until it is unlocked or up to its ending.

You can lock a meeting in one of these ways:

When a conference is locked

  • it can be joined by:

    • moderators (including the owner)

    • operators

    • users who will be explicitly added by the moderator (including those users who were invited to the meeting, but did not join it).

  • it cannot be joined by:

    • authorized server users who were not explicitly added to the list of participants after the conference was locked

    • users who were added to the list of invited participants before the conference started, but did not connect before the conference was locked

    • guests (in case of a public conference).

Each time when a conference ends, its access status is automatically set to the default value unlocked.

You can make a conference accessible to new participants in the same section where the conference was locked. Select the option Unlock conference in the conference card.

# Ending the conference

If you are the conference moderator, when you leave the conference (by pressing /client/media/gui/end_call_button/en.png) you will be asked whether you want to leave the conference or end the conference for all participants.


If you choose Leave (without ending it for everyone), you can re-join it in the following ways:

  • Call its ID or join URL
  • If you are the owner, you will only need to create a new conference. The application will automatically redirect you to the conference where you are the owner (if at least one participant still remains in the meeting).