# Editing user profile

# Viewing and editing

You can proceed to your profile and edit your personal information:

  1. Click on the avatar icon in the application menu to proceed to your profile

  2. Click on your avatar to change it

  3. Edit your personal information (display name, phone number, etc)

You may not be allowed to edit your personal information if Active Directory/LDAP extension is enabled on your TrueConf Server instance. In this case, please contact your server administrator to edit your profile.

4. Sign out

5. Open your personal area in the browser

6. Status selection (Online/Do not disturb). If Do not Disturb status is selected, you will not receive notifications even if they are enabled in the applications settings.

7. Set additional status

8. Copy your TrueConf ID (you can use it to share your TrueConf ID with your colleagues)

To change your avatar, click on the avatar icon and select a preferred action:

  • Upload a photo. Select a photo on your PC or on an available network resource and click /client/media/gui/save_avatar/en.png button to save it:

  • Take a photo with your webcam. If you have multiple cameras connected to your PC, press /client/media/gui/change_camera/en.png to select a preferred camera. Click /client/media/gui/take_photo/en.png to save your avatar:

  • Delete your avatar.

# Possible settings options

You can set an additional custom status in their profiles. To set a status, open your profile and click on the Set my status button. Please note that the status field is limited to 256 characters.