# Conference layout management

During a conference you can change its layout which is the arrangement of participants' video windows on the screen.

To do it, click on the /client/media/gui/setup_layout/en.png button in the upper meeting control panel. Here, you can select one of the options for displaying participants’ video windows.


If you select the Spotlighted video mode, Active speaker layout checkbox will become available. Check this option if you want to focus on a current presenter: the active speaker's pane will automatically be enlarged.

You can choose where to position the main window. Several options are available: overlap, corner, top and left. Choose the option you like in the drop-down list.

Check the Pin conference controls box to pin the top and bottom conference controls.

# Adjusting your video layout of the ongoing meeting

You can always adjust your view of the current meeting.

If you change your video layout during the meeting, the view of other participants (both native and browser-based) will not change.

To change the order of video windows:

  1. Press and hold the left mouse button on the pane you would like to relocate.

  2. Drag the selected pane to another place on the screen.

  3. Release the mouse button to switch the participants' panes.

To select a priority window, which will be displayed as the largest in the layout:

  1. Double-click the left mouse button on the image you want to move to the center of the layout and make it large. You can also click on the button /client/media/gui/conference_layout/en.png that will appear when you hover over the corresponding video window.

  2. Other windows will be displayed as thumbnails. Double-click again on the larger window to return the video layout to its original position.

It is equally easy to select a window that needs to be spotlighted (enlarged). Double-click on any small window and it will be automatically spotlighted. It is also possible to drag-and-drop video windows when one of the video windows is spotlighted.

# Changing video layout for other meeting participants

If you are the conference moderator, go to Real-time meeting management by clicking on the button /client/media/gui/conference_tools_button/en.png in the conference controls.


The real-time meeting management window will open. Here, you can configure the arrangement of video windows as shown in the description of the personal area in TrueConf Server user guide.

In this window, you can also view detailed information about a conference. Click the button /client/media/gui/rtm_additionals/en.png in the upper panel next to the conference name and select the Conference details option.

If you are not currently participating in an active conference, the link to real-time meeting manager may still be available in the application scheduler (or in the personal area). However, the following requirements have to be met:

  • You are the operator added to the list of invited conference participants.

  • You are the conference owner.

# Can meeting participants decline the locked video layout?

Yes, if the meeting owner selects Enable users to change layout in the real-time meeting manager.

In this case, the meeting participants will be notified that the global video layout is available and will be offered to change their view:


Even if the layout selected by the moderator was declined, a user can still enable this layout. The corresponding button will be available in the Layout settings section of the meeting control panel.


# Multi-window mode

During a conference, you can enable the multi-window mode. It will be useful if you work with multiple monitors: you manage your conference in the main window, while the video area switches to an additional window. There are two options to enable the multi-window mode:

  1. Open conference controls, click on the button /client/media/gui/conference_tools_button/en.png and select Enable multi-window mode.

  2. The method described above can also be used to enable multi-window mode in the conference widget.


Once the above steps are complete, the application will split into several windows:

  1. Main application window

  2. Video layout window

  3. Conference control widget.


You can disable the multi-window mode the same way you enabled it.