What is TrueConf Room

What TrueConf Room is used for

TrueConf Room is a free video conferencing application. At the software level, this solution acts as a client application, but it also provides the key features of a hardware video conferencing endpoint.

TrueConf Room is mainly designed for displaying conference participants on a large screen in a huddle or meeting room. This application enables users to create and hold conferences from their PCs, tablets, or mobile devices by scanning a QR code or following a link.

The main idea behind TrueConf Room is to provide clean and intuitive user interface that does not interfere with the conference screen.

TrueConf Room is a Windows-based software system that goes in bundle either with TrueConf Server or TrueConf Server Free, needed as a video conferencing server.

TrueConf Room is available for free download on our website.

This video will give you the idea about TrueConf Room features:


TrueConf Room features

  • Enjoy 4K (Ultra HD) video calls and conferences

  • Run meetings with up to 1000 participants (up to 1600 using UDP Multicast mode)

  • Try different video conferencing modes: video call (point-to-point or one-on-one video conferencing session), video lecture, all-on-screen, and role-based conference

  • Connect to TrueConf Online cloud-based service or your corporate TrueConf Server (including TrueConf Server Free)

  • Use QR code or follow the link on the start screen to enter TrueConf Room control panel (also available for mobile devices)

  • Real-time management of TrueConf Room video layout (also available for mobile devices)

  • Slideshow during meetings

  • Wake up the PC monitor when logging into the control panel

  • Video layout preview

  • Set up a suitable authorization mode for users and guests (PIN code, password or unsecured login)

  • Users can quickly log in with a link containing a PIN

  • Control your own camera or microphone. Moderators and conference owners can also control participants’ devices

  • Attendees can push to talk or send a request to become a speaker in role-based conferences, while moderators can appoint or remove speakers from the podium

  • Call SIP/H.323 and RTSP devices

  • Call VoIP users, landline and mobile phone numbers

  • Compatible with USB peripherals

  • Built-in algorithms of echo cancellation and automatic gain control (AGC)

  • Support for multi-monitor configurations (conference and application control on different screens of the same PC, displaying video windows and content on separate screens)

  • Manage your address book (search, view information about a contact, delete and block users)

  • Display user information on the main screen

  • Compatible with meeting room devices (Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 conference hub, HP Elite Slice modular nettop, Logitech Tap controller)

  • Compatible with popular ARM platforms (e.g. Raspberry Pi)

  • Create your custom interfaces to manage the application using TrueConf Room API

  • Configure bandwidth limitation settings

  • View information about the system and TrueConf Room current license

  • Enable secure access for administrators and set up different access rights to work with the application (available in TrueConf Room Pro version)

  • Whitelabel your start screen interface (remove logo and other elements)