# What is TrueConf Room

# What TrueConf Room is used for

TrueConf Room is an application for video conferencing in meeting rooms. This software-based solution provides all essential features of a room endpoint.

TrueConf Room is mainly designed for displaying conference participants on a large screen in a huddle or meeting room. This application enables users to create and run conferences from their PCs, tablets, or mobile devices by scanning a QR code or following a link.

The main idea behind TrueConf Room is to provide clean and intuitive user interface that does not interfere with the conference screen.

TrueConf Room can be used with Windows or Linux and needs to be connected either to TrueConf Online cloud-based video conferencing solution or TrueConf Server / TrueConf Server Free video collaboration platform.

TrueConf Room is available for free on our website.

# Connection structure

This section gives only a general description.

Check out the corresponding sections to learn how each of these connections can be configured:

To run video conferences, TrueConf Room should be authorized in TrueConf Server or TrueConf Online with a user account.

TrueConf Room is a software solution and does not come with AV peripherals. A microphone and a camera have to be connected to the computer running TrueConf Room.


# TrueConf Room features

  • Enjoy 4K (Ultra HD) video calls and conferences

  • Run meetings with up to 1,000 participants (up to 1,600 using UDP Multicast mode)

  • Try different video conferencing modes: video call (point-to-point or one-on-one video conferencing session), video lecture, all-on-screen, and role-based conference

  • As a video conferencing server, one can use either TrueConf Online cloud service or the corporate TrueConf Server (including TrueConf Server Free).

  • Use QR code or follow the link on the start screen to enter TrueConf Room control panel (also available for mobile devices)

  • View your upcoming conferences on the main screen

  • Manage TrueConf Room video layouts in real time from desktops or mobiles

  • Show slides during a conference (pdf, ppt, pptx, slides)

  • Show slides from a participant’s laptop over HDMI.

  • Wake up your PC monitor when logging into the control panel

  • View video layouts in the control panel

  • Control PTZ cameras (available for moderators and conference owners)

  • Set up different authorization rights for users and administrators (PIN code, password, or unsecured login)

  • Control your own camera or microphone. Moderators and conference owners can also control participants’ devices.

  • During a video conference, participants can request to become speakers, while moderators can manage the meeting roles

  • Meeting owners or operators have access to real-time meeting management tools, which allow them to lock layout for all participants or set individual layouts for each user, including SIP/H.323 endpoints and browser participants

  • Route video calls through the server (optional)

  • Call SIP/H.323 and RTSP devices

  • Call VoIP users, landline and mobile phone numbers

  • Send DTMF commands

  • Use with popular USB peripherals

  • Enjoy built-in algorithms of echo cancellation and automatic gain control (AGC)

  • Perform audio tests to adjust automatic echo cancellation.

  • Use multi-monitor configurations (display the meeting and control panel on different screens, drag and drop separate video windows)

  • Manage your address book (search, view information about a contact, delete and block users)

  • Explore notification center

  • Play with meeting room devices (Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500, HP Elite Slice, Logitech Tap)

  • Compatible with popular ARM platforms (e.g. Raspberry Pi)

  • Create your own UIs to manage the application using the TrueConf Room API

  • Configure bandwidth limitation settings

  • View information about the system and TrueConf Room license

  • Enable secure access for administrators and set up different access rights to work with the application (available in TrueConf Room Pro version)

  • Customize the main screen: upload your logo, change the background, hide some UI elements (available in the TrueConf Room Pro version)

  • TrueConf Room Pro offline activation

  • Control your PC remotely from the TrueConf Room control panel: reboot and shutdown.

  • Capture and stream via NDI (available in the TrueConf Room Pro version)

  • Join a PIN-protected conference

  • Escalate a one-on-one call into a conference

  • Enable or disable video and audio from a conference participant

  • Pin the main window to the selected screen

  • Control multiple TrueConf Room instances with TrueConf Room Discovery in any easy way.

  • Use TrueConf Room Service to launch the application with additional parameters.

  • Control a PTZ camera with presets and gestures.