# Getting started with TrueConf Room

# Installing and configuring TrueConf Server

Any video conferencing system includes not only client applications, but also a video conferencing server that facilitates data exchange between these applications. Before setting up TrueConf Room, you should start with the server side of the system.

TrueConf Online cloud service or TrueConf Server/TrueConf Server Free can be used as a video conferencing server for TrueConf Room.

All TrueConf Server instances are based on SVC (scalable video coding) architecture, enabling efficient video transcoding between different devices.

Your video meetings can be joined not only from conference rooms, but also from PCs and mobile devices.

In addition, TrueConf Server has a built-in gateway for meetings with video conferencing endpoints (via SIP and H.323 protocols) and IP cameras (via RTSP).

If you are going to use TrueConf Online cloud-based service, you only need to sign up on our website and then use your personal accountfor authorization.

Below you can find information on how to connect to TrueConf Server licences.

Take the following steps to get started with TrueConf Server:

  1. Download TrueConf Server or TrueConf Server Free. Learn more about the benefits of the paid version on our website.

  2. Install and launch the server by following the guide on our website.

  3. Create an account for each meeting room. If you are planning to connect participants' personal devices (PCs, smartphones) to conferences or share content during a conference, you should create an account for each of these devices. The number of accounts is unlimited.

  4. Test connection to the server by connecting to it from a client application. If you want the server and TrueConf Room to be in different local networks or communicate via the Internet using a router or NAT, configure appropriate addressing in the server local network and test connection to the server from outside the network.

# TrueConf Room installation

On the TrueConf Room page, click on the Download for free button and fill out the registration form. Then, click on the Download TrueConf Room button and follow the instructions for your OS.

# For Windows

In the Windows tab, download the TrueConf Room installation file by clicking on the corresponding button and then run this file:


During the installation you will be able to:

  • Disable automatic app launching when OS is started (this checkbox is marked by default)

  • Set a different port for accessing the control panel to make sure you do not use the port occupied by another application

# For Linux

Step 1

Go to the Linux tab on the page opened after the form was filled out. There you will find further instructions.


Click on the link in the second list item to find detailed instructions for installing TrueConf Room on Linux.

Step 2

Download the distribution for your OS.

Step 3

If you want to deploy manually, go to the directory with the installation package and run the following command as the administrator:

apt install -yq ./trueconf-room-name.deb

where trueconf-room-name is the file name.

During the installation, you can set the port for accessing the control panel to make sure that you are not using the port occupied by another application.

Step 4

The trueconf-room-web web server will be added to the OS. It will start automatically after the installation.

Access the TrueConf Room page from a different computer in your local network. You will need to use the following address http://[ip]:[port] where [ip] is the IP address of the computer with Linux while [port] is the port set during the previous step.

To check the IP address in Linux, run the ip a command.

To access the control panel, use the port specified during the installation. If you cannot access the panel via this port, you will need to set a different port manually.

# Changing the port

If after the installation you have to change the port needed for accessing the TrueConf Room control panel, follow the instructions below.

For Windows

  1. Go to the C:\Program Files\TrueConf\Room\httpconf\conf\ folder and open the listen.conf file with any text editor (you have to open the file as the administrator).

  2. Change the port number in the Listen <port number> parameter, e.g., Listen 8888. Then, save the changes.

  3. Restart the TrueConf Room Web Manager service or restart the PC where the software endpoint is installed.

For Linux

  1. Go to the /opt/trueconf/room/etc/webmanager/conf/ directory as the superuser and open the listen.conf file with any text editor.

  2. Change the port number in the Listen <port number> parameter, e.g., Listen 8888. Then, save the changes.

  3. Restart the web server by running this command:

systemctl restart trueconf-room-web

# Launching TrueConf Room

Once TrueConf Room has been launched, the main screen will fill the entire desktop, overlaying other applications.

If TrueConf Room is installed on a PC with multiple monitor setup, you can move the main screen to one of the connected monitors. To do it, right-click the program icon in the taskbar and select the monitor in the Display menu item.


To close or minimize the window, use the hotkey adopted in your OS.

When the main screen is closed, the TrueConf Room control panel also stops functioning.

# Logging in to the control panel

You can use one of the following options to enter the TrueConf Room control panel from your device:

  • Using a QR code. Scan a QR code with your smartphone or tablet camera. It contains an encoded link to enter the control panel. Follow this link.

  • Using a browser. You can find the access link next to the QR code. To enter the control panel, simply click on it or enter it into your browser.


If the link or QR code is not displayed on the main screen, please contact your administrator and ask to provide you with access to the control panel.

# Authorization

On the first launch, TrueConf Room control panel opens on the authorization page.

  1. Click Change server in the right bottom corner of the authorization page.

  2. Network settings page opens.

  3. Select the type of server used and, if it is TrueConf Server, enter its IP address or FQDN.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Make sure that Connected to... is displayed next to the server network settings. If the connection attempt fails and Not connected status is displayed, please contact your system administrator.

  6. Go back to the authorization page by clicking the arrow icon in the upper-left corner.

  7. Enter the TrueConf ID created for the room on your TrueConf Server or in TrueConf Online and the password.